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An Inclusive Freewriting Lesson

by Kivilcim Somuncuoglu | 29 Jul 2021
Resource Description: This freewriting class is designed with a wider than usual variety of learner types in mind. Oftentimes, writing plans cater to mainly visual and auditory learners given the introspective nature of writing as an act. In this plan, it was aimed to include in the needs of the kinesthetic learners as well.
Audience: Adult, Secondary, University
Audience Language Proficiency: Intermediate
Duration: 45 minutes
Language Skill: Writing
Content Area: As ruminating on love and relationships is often an enticing topic for young audiences, this lesson is planned around this potential area of interest to make the process more enjoyable. 

The objective of the lesson is to;

  • familiarize the students with relationship- related vocabulary,
  • have them practice expressing their opinion.
Outcome(s): At the end of the lesson, the students will have familiarity with the romantic love related language. 

The class is to be conducted using the following steps

  • Lead in
  •  Pre-teaching of the vocabulary items
  •  Pre-writing (deciding on topic and planning)
  •  While-writing (teacher-monitoring and peer support when necessary)
  •  Post-writing (peer feedback)
  •  Delayed feedback (on language and if necessary on style)
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