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U.S. History Resources

by Andrea Rakushin Lee | 26 Jun 2015
Resource Description: The list provided in this teaching tip is of various resources related to U.S. history. This is not an exhaustive list of resources for every major period of U.S. history. This list was created to help teachers brainstorm ideas for U.S. history lessons. The tips and resources provided are intended for a Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) class in U.S. history or for general lessons related to U.S. history in ESL/EFL classes. Adaptations may be needed depending on the students’ level and age. Some of these ideas can be used for other types of history classes or lessons.
Audience: Adult, Secondary, University
Audience Language Proficiency: Advanced, Intermediate
Teaching Tip:

The resource list provides various ideas for U.S. history lessons. Sample class activities are included.

The resource list includes the following categories:

  • civics websites
  • free digital U.S. history textbooks
  • interactive websites
  • interesting facts about history
  • maps
  • movies and documentaries
  • music video lessons
  • oral history projects
  • this day in history
  • virtual and traditional field trips
  • virtual timelines
Useful Links:

Colonial Williamsburg:

C-Span Classroom:


History Channel:

History Matters:

Library of Congress:

National Archives:

National Museum of American History:

Public Broadcasting Service:

Smithsonian Education:

Teaching American History:


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