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A Seminal Innovative Approach to Teaching

by Dr Seyed Mohammad Hassan Hosseini | 31 Oct 2018
Resource Description:

I have a PhD in Teaching Methodology. The below video link is a brief but to the point introduction to my innovative revolutionary approach to the education of the Oppressed, which was formulated based on my own seminal "Cognitive Socio-Political Language Learning Theory". I received my PhD from the biggest democracy in the world, from incredible India, for this sort of contributions to democracy!     

Audience: Teacher Training
Audience Language Proficiency: Advanced
Teaching Tip:

       As a highly structured, psychologically and socio-politically based learning-centered strategic didactic approach, which mingles affective, cognitive and socio-political aspects of learning, CTBL is an exceptional edu-political approach that aims at awakening, empowering and emancipating the oppressed majority, who have been ignored and even belittled in the present world situation. Considering its magic transforming power for converting today students/objects to agents of change or the subjects who have the capacity to influence the world, my inimitable revolutionary innovation is in essence a catalyst for change. CTBL, thereby, has been introduced to compensate the deficiencies of the present methods and innovations and reduce the discrepancy between what the present education system makes out of our nations and what the realities of today world context exacts them to be.


Hosseini, S.M.H. (2018). Competitive Team-Based Leaning: Beyond current didactic methods. Germany: Lambert Academic Publishing.

Hosseini, S.M.H. (2012). Beyond the present methods and approaches to ELT/education: The crucial need for a radical reform. Tehran: Jungle Publication.


TESOL Interest Section: Applied Linguistics, Elementary Education, Higher Education