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Using Nearpod Advanced Features to Create a Fun & Engaging Learning Experience to Students

by Dr. Doaa Hamam | 08 Feb 2021
Resource Description: This resources will shed light on some of Nearpod advanced features to create a fun and engaging learning experience to students in the EAP courses in the higher education.
Audience: University
Audience Language Proficiency: Advanced, Intermediate
Teaching Tip:

Nearpod is a very efficient platform for teaching and learning. It is full of different types of activities, templates, and colors! I find it incredibly excellent for online synchronous classes and a useful tool for students’ engagement (Burton,2019). According to Lowry-Brock (2016), Nearpod was found to help students become active learners. It is easy for teachers to design lessons on Nearpod from scratch. Several advanced features in the Nearpod can be used to create a fun and engaging learning experience to higher education students in EAP courses. In this teaching tip, I will focus on only two of them:

1-Videos and questions.

-You can insert different types of videos in Nearpod slides (YouTube-self-developed, etc.).

-The videos inserted in the Nearpod slides can be paused, and students can be prompted to answer questions. 

-It is also worth mentioning that the teacher can choose if the teacher or the students play the video from their end. 

This feature ensures that students become engaged with the video content. 

2-Time to Climb Game

-The time to climb game is fun and engaging.

-You can use it for competition or class content revision.

-Make sure to choose a different theme every time.

-The music is fun and entertaining.

-Students enjoy the competition feeling of the game.

-If students are distracted by music, you can ask them to mute their devices.

The structure of the game creates a feeling of competition and helps students to engage with the content.

Burton, R. (2019). A review of Nearpod–an interactive tool for student engagement. Journal of Applied Learning and Teaching, 2(2), 95-97.

Lowry-Brock, M. R. (2016). The effect of using Nearpod as a tool of active learning in the high school science classroom.

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