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Using Zoom and Google Docs for Collaborative Writing

by Nahla Nassar | 22 Feb 2021
Resource Description: This resource describes the procedure for using Google Docs in a Zoom session to engage students in collaborative writing activities. 
Audience: University
Audience Language Proficiency: Advanced
Teaching Tip:

1) On Google Drive, create a folder with a number of Google Docs and make these documents editable by changing the sharing settings. Prepare the instructions for the writing task on the document. 

2) Start the Zoom session and explain the writing activity and procedure. For example: students collaborate to write a 5-paragraph argumentative essay. 

3) Open the breakout rooms and provide each group with a link to their document. 

4) The students work on their task while the instructor observes the writing process on each Google Doc and uses the suggestion and comment option to give real-time feedback. Where, necessary, the instructor joins the breakout rooms to provide further feedback.

5) Once the essay is completed, the instructor shares a grading rubric with all the groups and the groups engage in peer assessment by leaving comments and/or suggestions for other groups on their documents. This stage can be replaced with asynchronous peer feedback using Moodle. 

6) The instructor provides final assessment for the essays using a rubric which can be created using Rubistar and can follow-up with another Zoom session for collaborative revisions of the essays.

TESOL Interest Section: Computer-Assisted Language Learning