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A Cup of Coffee with TESOL Experts: Online Engagement

by Dawn Bikowski, Franco Cook, Diego Boada | 01 Apr 2021
Resource Description:

Audience: Teacher Training
Audience Language Proficiency: Intermediate
Teaching Tip:

Today's question:


How can we find and share our passions and personalities in our online class?


Today's guests:

- Dawn Bikowski, PhD (USA)

- Franco Cook (Peru)

- Diego A. Boada, PhD (Colombia)


In this episode, Dawn and Franco chatted with Diego about how to achieve higher teacher and student engagement in online learning environments. They argued that by sharing more about who we are and what we love, teachers and students can build a vibrant community of learners. Teacher engagement is essential to strengthen our online presence and make our work more enjoyable. Student engagement often translates into higher retention and satisfaction rates, better academic outcomes, and higher curricular relevance. In the video, our guests discuss four ideas to engage ourselves as teachers and to engage our students.


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"A Cup of Coffee with TESOL Experts" is a project led by instructors and participants in the TESOL Certificate: Developing an Online Teaching Program.


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