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Please Welcome the TESOL 2018 Ambassadors!

The TESOL 2018 Ambassadors are members, just like you, who have agreed to share their convention experience with other attendees. Watch for them on social media and at the keynotes, the New Member and First-Time Attendees Reception, and other events. If you see an Ambassador, stop by and say hello!


Beth Evans

English Language Teacher
Burlington School District, Burlington, Vermont, USA
Teaching: 19 years
TESOL Conventions Attended: 7

I love going to conventions because it renews my passion for my job and helps me connect to others facing the same issues I am facing. It is a great opportunity to get to know others across the globe, not to mention a chance to get to hear about the most recent research and classroom activities. It's a chance to broaden one's horizons and to strengthen practice and colleagueship.

I care deeply about this organization and want to bring the international aspects of it back to my affiliate, my district, and my school. Right now, I'm struggling with SLIFE identification and trying to forge new paths. I'm hoping I can connect with others who are doing the same. 

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Kurtis Foster

Academic Specialist
Missouri State University, Springfield, Missouri, USA
Teaching: 7 years
TESOL Conventions Attended: 6

At each TESOL convention, I am truly inspired to become a better teacher by the inventive classroom ideas and conversations with TESOLers working around the globe. Getting the chance to learn from and work with such dedicated, passionate educators helps me contribute to this field that is so vital to making the world a better place.

The practical classroom activities that encompass all teaching interests and contexts insure that you have specific ways to have a better class right when you get home, and discussions of the bigger picture of our field allow you to make your voice heard and see new ways of improving the profession and its impact in the world.

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Tatiana Gomez Ramirez

Founder and Student
ELT Think Tank, Medellín, Colombia
Teaching: 17 years
TESOL Conventions Attended: 1

TESOL conventions, along with everything that TESOL offers, are an incredible opportunity for teachers to learn from experts and from each other. They allow teachers to create hubs and to understand new theories, techniques, and teaching strategies that emerge because our students are constantly changing with the times.

I feel that this event is essential for any teacher's professional development. I am starting a professional learning network of my own and feel that through TESOL I can find like-minded teachers who can be part of that community. I also want to be able to share my experience with all of the teachers in Colombia who cannot travel to events like this. I hope to be able to broadcast while I'm there to allow them access to all of the knowledge that is shared and, in this way, do my part toward helping them become better teachers.

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Kira Kondratkova

MA TESOL Student
San Francisco State University, San Francisco, California, USA
Teaching: 6 years
TESOL Conventions Attended: 1

I am doing everything I can to develop as a professional in the sphere of teaching, and I decided to make my two Fulbright years in the United States as meaningful as possible. Attending the TESOL convention during this period has been the brightest event so far. It was amazing to look around and realize that everyone around me was my colleague, that I could come up to literally anyone and speak about teaching English, about the ups and downs of our profession, and about our joys and challenges.

Opening my own language school for adults and seniors in Russia has long been my goal. I am just one person, but as a teacher I have a very responsible and exciting opportunity to share my knowledge with other people in Russia and let them take it from there, to let the knowledge evolve and spread. Together with colleagues from the United States and other countries, we can think of solutions to make our countries’ language education better and stronger.

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Madhukar K. C.

English Instructor
Nepal English Language Teachers' Association, Kathmandu, Nepal
Teaching: 12 years
TESOL Conventions Attended: 4

Attending the TESOL convention has helped enhance my professionalism through networking with like-minded professionals from across the globe, and it has helped me keep abreast of modern pedagogical approaches in ELT/TESOL.

Those attending the convention will have the once-in-a-lifetime experience of meeting more than 6,500 attendees from across the globe and sharing and exchanging their ideas and practices. Attendees have a unique opportunity to integrate knowledge of current trends and techniques while expanding professional networks with like-minded teachers, scholars, and experts in the field.

The TESOL convention has significantly impacted my teaching career and growth. At the 2018 TESOL convention, I look forward to obtaining more knowledge, ideas, and practices while reflecting on my own teaching practices.

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Denise Maduli-Williams

Assistant Professor
San Diego Miramar College, San Diego, California, USA
Teaching: 23 years
TESOL Conventions Attended: 15

I have attended and presented at the TESOL convention nearly every year since 2000 because I am constantly inspired by the educators I meet; because of the connections I make with professionals, administrations, technology experts, authors, and speakers; and because I can't wait to get back to my college and share what I have learned in the classroom and with my colleagues.

Last year in Seattle, for example, I got amazing ideas about including infographics from a presenter, was able to hear an expert panel of teacherpreneurs talk about how to move beyond the classroom, learned about a ton of new tech tools at the Electronic Village, and gleaned new ideas about connecting vocabulary and grammar instruction from an author's workshop. Every year I arrive with a suitcase full of clothing but leave with my suitcase bursting full of fabulous ideas to share with my department, college, and students.

I feel like I come home when I enter the TESOL convention. It makes me a better educator, bottom line.

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Yunjung Nam

English Teacher
Busan Gangseo High School, Busan, South Korea
Teaching: 10 years
TESOL Conventions Attended: 2

When I attended the TESOL convention for the first time, I was in the middle of my MA program, trying to learn more about how to design and conduct a study. My advisor recommended attending the TESOL convention, since there are a lot of PhD students and researchers presenting their studies and findings, which would be good learning resources for me.

After working at a public high school in Busan, Korea, I wanted to become a teacher trainer, and I decided to go back to graduate school. I am in the first year of my PhD program, and I would like to catch up with the current trends, brush up on my knowledge, and present my pilot studies or talk about my research interests and receive some feedback.

I would also like to share my passion and inspiration, and in the process of sharing, I hope to inspire myself and others to be able to overcome the hardships and challenges we are facing in the field.

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