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What's In It for the Boss?

Use the tables below to figure out how much you'll spend to attend TESOL 2018 and how to explain how that expense will benefit your employer and your colleagues.



Convention registration $
Ticketed events (PCIs, K-12 Day, TESOL LDCP) $
Flight $
Lodging $
Transportation (airport to hotel) $
Transportation (hotel to airport) $
Mileage reimbursement (if driving to conference) $
Parking reimbursement (at airport or hotel) $
Food per diem $
Total Expense $

Whew! Okay, now let's look more closely at the benefits of attending TESOL 2018. Help your boss understand that your attendance will benefit not only you but your colleagues as well.

Benefits of Attending TESOL

Employer Needs?

New knowledge, training, enhanced expertise
New knowledge or training to share with colleagues
Team-building (if sending a group)
Learning about new technology and tools
Learning new workplace processes
Learning about the latest research
Exposure to useful new products and services (Expo Hall)

It might help to write out your answers before you talk to your boss. You need to be able to answer all her questions. Her decision will likely depend on the information you provide and how well you sell the benefits of attending the convention. Good luck!