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TESOL Announces Continued Partnership with 21st Century Education

by David Cutler | 03/08/2019
TESOL International Association is pleased to announce that 21st Century Education has signed an agreement to become a global sponsor for the 2019 TESOL International Convention & English Language Expo in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. In addition to their generous sponsorship for this year’s convention, TESOL’s ongoing partnership with 21ST Century Education includes the second annual TESOL China Assembly, taking place in Hangzhou, China, 25-28 July 2019. Last year, the inaugural TESOL China Assembly reached over 1,800 English language professionals. The growing partnership with 21st Century Education, coupled with TESOL’s growing global presence and connectivity, and knowledge and expertise of English language teaching, has set high expectations for this year’s assembly, with the goal of reaching even more English language professionals in China. 

More details of the 2019 TESOL China Assembly will be posted to TESOL’s website this spring.