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Convention Hashtags: #TESOL1​​9, #myTESOL1​9

Stay informed, share pictures and videos, and engage in conversations with fellow attendees! The TESOL social media team will be looking for your photos, videos, and other posts to share—and who knows? You just might win something! 

 Here are some ways to join the conversation:

  • Join the TESOL 201​9 Convention & English Language Expo Facebook Event

  • Click the images below to download ​and share the “I’m Attending” graphics. Don't forget to use #TESOL19 and #myTESOL19 when sharing on social media.

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  • Keep up with the action by searching #TESOL1​9 and #myTESOL1​9 on your favorite social media platform

And don't forget to follow TESOL!

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