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Help Us Save Trees!

Please help TESOL reduce the amount of paper used at the annual convention by uploading your session handouts. Preparing and uploading your handouts before the convention will also improve their quality and timeliness. Your handouts will be available immediately after you upload them and throughout and after the convention.

The TESOL convention is not paper free. Attendees will have the opportunity to purchase a paper program book with detailed session information, and exhibitors may hand out brochures and flyers.

Handout Guidelines

When you prepare your session, please do not assume that attendees will have downloaded your handouts. Some attendees prefer to download handouts in advance, but others prefer to download them later and take notes during the presentation. Attendees do expect handouts, however, so please upload yours no later than 8 March ‚Äč2019.

  • You should not have more than 10 pages of handouts
  • If you have co-presenters, work together to develop handouts
  • Please convert all handouts to PDF files before uploading
  • Upload handouts using the convention mobile app desktop website (forthcoming)
  • Try to include resources that attendees can use in the classroom, such as lesson plans, checklists, guides, and other practical information.
  • If you upload a PowerPoint, please set it to print 3–4 slides per page before you save it as a PDF.

A Word on PowerPoint

Please do not simply read your slides aloud. Instead, use your slides to engage audience members and generate interaction. Please use slides that

  • visually support the presentation
  • contain no more text than is necessary
  • get the audience involved

Remember that attendees want to learn from you and want you to do well. It’s a good idea to rehearse your presentation so that you won’t have to lean on your slides.