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Certificates of Attendance

Convention attendees and presenters can pick up their certificate of attendance and presenter's certificate at the ​certificate counter in the​ registration area at the Georgia World Congress Center.

Click here to download the certificate of attendance.
Click here to download the presenter certificate.  

PCI registrants will receive certificate of attendance at the end of the PCIs from the presenters. 

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

How Do I Earn My CEUs?

For every hour you attend sessions at TESOL 201​9, you earn 0.1 CEU from the University of Maryland-College Park. Here is what you need to do:

Application Fee

US$50 per application, regardless of how many CEUs you are applying for.

CEUs will be awarded only to applicants who have submitted a completed CEU Attendance Verification Form and paid the US$50 application fee by 1 April 2019.

VISA, MasterCard, and American Express are accepted. Checks must be from U.S. banks and made payable to TESOL.

Before the Convention

Download the CEU Attendance Verification Form.

You can also pick up a form at the Academic Credit counter in the registration area at the Georgia World Congress Center.

During the Convention

Use the CEU Attendance Verification Form to keep track of the sessions you attend. You will need to record the title of each session and its length.

After the Convention

Mail or email the completed CEU Attendance Verification Form and the application fee to TESOL Conference Services. (The mailing address and ​email address are on the form.)

The application deadline is 1 April 201​9.

CEUs will be mailed by 31 May 201​9.


If you have any questions about CEUs, please contact TESOL ​Conference Services.