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Preparing Your TESOL P-12 Teacher Education Program for CAEP Accreditation


Tuesday, ​12 March 2019 (8:30 am–Noon)

An individual one-hour consulting session is also available as an add-on in the afternoon.


2019 TESOL International Convention & English Language Expo, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Who Should Attend

Faculty and staff from TESOL P–12 teacher education programs at U.S. postsecondary institutions seeking CAEP accreditation.

Workshop Summary

What is required of TESOL P–12 teacher education programs in the U.S. to receive CAEP ​accreditation? This workshop address accreditaiton in detail, including a review of the TESOL P-12 Teacher Education Program Standards (2008) that are used as part of the national recognition process. Participants will be provided detailed information and tips on how to prepare their programs for the national recognition process and how to develop their institution’s program report.

Prior to attending the workshop, participants should acquaint themselves with the standards and guidance documents.


Participants from university programs will be grouped alongside program reviewers, providing an opportunity to learn the criteria used to evaluate TESOL program reports.

The agenda includes

  • Information and overview of the TESOL P–12 ESL Teacher Education Program Standards
  • Overview of CAEP review process
  • Preparing the program report (e.g., timelines, data collection, evidence, institutional responsibilities)
  • Collecting and presenting performance evidence (e.g., measuring standards)
  • Timeline and general information about the revised standards
  • Questions and answers

Add-on Private Afternoon Consulting Session

Participants can receive individualized feedback on their program’s data through a private, one-hour session with an expert program reviewer. Survey results have shown that programs have a greater chance of attaining CAEP recognition after their first submission of a program report by attending both the workshop and a private consulting session.

Participants attending a private consulting session should bring all relevant materials from their program, including two copies of sample assessments, and any rubrics and aggregated data.


Discounts are available for institutions sending more than one participant.​  

Registration Type

Early: 1 Feb

Advance: 1 Mar

Advance: 1 Mar

First registrant from institution




Second registrant from institution 




One-hour consulting session




For more additional information, please contact Anita Bright, TESOL SPA Coordinator.