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Workshop for ​Novice ​Researchers: Connecting ​Teaching and ​Research 


Tuesday, ​12 March ​2019, ​3:00–5:00 pm


The Workshop for Novice Researchers is designed to support educators, classroom teachers and novice researchers who aspire to engage in research.  Participants will have the opportunity to connect their own work to the TESOL Research Agenda and will explore ways that research can address theoretical or pedagogical questions and inform their own teaching. The invited speaker, a well-known researcher, former TESOL President, and Chair of TIRF Research Advisory Committee, will provide guidelines and advice on how to set up a research project. Time will be given for small group breakout sessions under the guidance of the invited speaker and the Research Professional Council mentors. 

Participants will 

  • learn about main forms and tools of research;
  • learn how research can inform teaching;
  • craft individual research questions that support their practice and research agendas;  
  • create a research design relevant to their specific research questions;
  • network with colleagues and the TESOL Research Professional Council that can help support their progress as they pursue their research projects.

Prior to the workshop, participants will receive reading materials on research and the link to the TESOL Research Agenda


TESOL Research Professional Council (RPC): Lucilla Lopriore, Lillian Wong, Lottie Baker and Fares Karam

Invited ​Speaker

Mary Ann Christison, Professor, Linguistics, The University of Utah



Early: 1 Feb

Advance: 1 Mar

After ​1 Mar

Registration Fee