TESOL 2020 Ambassadors
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Why Attend #TESOL​2020? Hear from the TESOL 2020 Ambassadors!

The TESOL 20​20 Ambassadors are English language professionals and students, just like you, who have agreed to share their convention experiences with other attendees. ​Follow them on social media and subscribe to the TESOL Blog to hear their first-hand accounts, tips for attendees, and more!

Romualdo Mabuan

Romualdo Mabuan

Assistant Professor of English

Lyceum of the Philippines University

Manila, Philippines

The 2020 TESOL Convention is an excellent platform where the action and the vision meet, and where English Language professionals around the world converge, engage, and establish professional networks. The Convention is not just a conference; it is a community of teachers, researchers, administrators, policy makers, and stakeholders.

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Diana Salazar

Diana K. Salazar

English Teacher & Academic ​Trainer

Rochester School and Sergio Arboleda University

Bogota, Cundinamarca, ​Colombia

TESOL2020 is a space for sharing and thinking globally and locally at the same time. A place for reflection around all the different possibilities to be successful in what we do. Through the TESOL Convention, attendants will be able to learn and also teach others because everyone can participate.

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Josiah Murphy

Josiah Murphy

​Researcher and EFL/ESP Teacher

Kent State University

Ravenna, Ohio, USA

Attend the convention to be reinvigorated, discover new research, partner with advocates, reconnect with distant friends, spark new partnerships, and receive recognition for the good work you do day in and day out!

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Ethan Trinh

Ethan Trinh

ESL Teacher & Doctoral Student

Georgia State University

Tucker, Georgia, US

The Convention is a critical place for all participants to engage in a global dialogue. Deep down in our hearts, we are here to root for students; we are here to be stronger after returning; we are here because we believe in the power of community that changes the world.

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Samantha Butler

Samantha Butler

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education Instructional Dean and Professional Learning & Development Coordinator

Aurora Public Schools

Aurora, Colorado, USA

TESOL provides an opportunity to connect to others with the same students or professional aspirations but also provides an opportunity for leadership development, professional learning communities connections, and to make professional friends around the world. These types of connections allow us to support our students, teachers, and development in education.

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Wendy McBride

Wendy McBride

Teacher for 20+ ​years!

Spring International Language Center, University of Arkansas

West Fork, Arkansas, USA

Every year, TESOL's convention serves to enrich, invigorate, and enlighten the professionals of the field. The variety and quality of the sessions inspire seasoned instructors and novices alike. Equally valuable though are the power and support manifested by both the sense of community and the networking opportunities this gathering provides.

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