Teaching Tips

Oral summary that discusses the presenter’s work in relation to practice. They are 20-minute pre-recorded presentations.

*Note: All sessions and presenters are subject to change.

On-demand Sessions

  • Using Podcasts in a Chinese ESL Classroom
  • Encouraging Extensive Listening through Sharing Multiple Versions of English Songs
  • Training English Language Learners to Detect English Satirical News
  • The Success of Secret Diary Page: An Informal Assessment
  • Intelligent Personal Assistants in Language Classrooms: Google Home Mini
  • Planning K—12 ESL Lessons to Meet Social Justice Standards
  • Using Focused Tasks to Teach New Grammar
  • Conquering the Motivational Bottleneck During COVID-19
  • Classroom Assessment for Teaching and Learning Academic Writing in English
  • A Student-Centered Communicative Correction Cycle for Homework Exercises
  • Teacher Action Research: Teaching Word-Learning Strategies to Sixth Grade Newcomers
  • Fostering Student Self-Awareness through Skill-Focused Surveys and Goal Setting
  • Beyond TOEFL/IELTS: Preparing Students for More Than the Test
  • Say What You Mean: Supporting Graduate Students With Pragmalinguistic Competence
  • Self-Regulated Pronunciation Practice to Improve Comprehensibility
  • Circle of Motivation: How to Enhance Students’ Learning
  • Intentional Teaching for Transfer in an ESL Composition Classroom
  • Creating Multimodal Texts in ESL Composition Classes
  • Challenges Encounter in Collaborative Group Work: Addressing Free Riders
  • Gamifying the Classroom for Language Assessment Needs
  • Telling Stories: Teaching Proficiency Through Reading and Storytelling for Vocabulary
  • Empowering Pre-service Teachers to Utilize Digital Storytelling for Supporting ELLs
  • Advice Columns as Authentic Sources for Teaching Vocabulary, Grammar, Culture
  • Addressing Learners’ Varied Needs in a Seemingly Homogenous EFL Setting
  • Corpus-Based Research Writing Activities for Engineering Students