Registration Credits

  • I have a credit for the 2021 registration fee. How can I use it for the virtual convention? During registration, you will be able to select to use your 2020 registration credit to pay for the 2021 convention registration fee. We will verify your credit and apply it to your registration fee. Confirmation email will be sent after credit is applied. 


  • When will convention registration open? Registration is now open. Please click on 'Register Now' button to register.

  • I am a full time student. Can I register at the student member rate? You will have to be a current student member of TESOL in order to receive the student member price.  To join TESOL, please go to

  • When will there be a schedule for online presentations? You can see an overview of the schedule on the Convention website.  Please watch the website and your email for further information.

  • What will be presented online? We are working with presenters and the Conferences Professional Council to determine that now. Watch the Convention website and your email for further information.

  • Will the presentations be live or recorded? The Convention will offer a combination of synchronous and asynchronous sessions. Keynote and invited speaker sessions will be live, along with live Q&A following some pre-recorded sessions. Hundreds of educational sessions will also be available for on-demand viewing. 

  • Will live sessions be recorded and archived? Yes, unless the presenters do not give permission for TESOL to do so.

  • How will sessions be recorded? There will be a few options for presenters to choose from to record their presentations. More information will be sent to presenters in the coming weeks. 

  • If recorded sessions are available during a specific time frame, can we have live chats during the presentation? The virtual event will be interactive and allow for questions and networking.

  • What online platform will we use? The event will be hosted on the Showcare virtual platform.

  • How will we present workshops online? The Conferences Professional Council are still reviewing the options and working through these details to ensure we are delivering the quality product you deserve.

  • Can we get a certificate for our presentation if we present? Yes, regardless of if your presentation is live or recorded, TESOL will issue a presentation certificate at the conclusion of the convention.

  • I cannot present my accepted session online. Can my session be included in next year’s convention? Unfortunately we will not be deferring presentation to the TESOL 2022 Convention. We encourage you to resubmit proposal for TESOL 2022.

  • I cannot present my accepted session live. Can my session be recorded and put online? Most of the sessions at the TESOL 2021 Convention will be prerecorded and available on demand. Unless presenters opt to have a live Q and A session for your session, they do not have to be presence at the specific time on the virtual convention platform. 

  • When and how will we have the Annual Business Meeting? We haven’t scheduled this meeting yet. Watch this site and your email for further details.

  • Will there be an Electronic Village? We expect Electronic Village sessions to be included in the broader virtual event we are planning.

CoP Meetings

  • When/how will we have the Leadership Forum? We haven’t scheduled this meeting yet. Watch this site and your email for further details.

  • When/how will we have our Interest Section meetings? We are working with Interest Section leaders to schedule these meetings. Watch your email for more details.

  • When/how will we have our networking meetings?  The platform we have selected allows for virtual networking. The Conferences Professional Council is working on the best way to utilize these features and schedule networking to provide attendees the opportunity to connect and share. Watch the website for further details.

Other Meetings

  • When/how will Affiliate leaders have our sessions? We are working with the Affiliate Network Professional Council to identify when these will take place.
  • When/how will Professional Councils have our meetings? We are asking chairs to work with their staff partner and Board liaison to identify appropriate times.
  • Will Pre-K-12 Day be held online? Yes, Pre-K-12 Day will be a virtual event but separate from the March convention. Watch the website and your email for updates.


  • Will exhibitors be presenting sessions online? Exhibitors who signed up prior to 1 October will have the opportunity to present during the convention. 

  • How can we contact exhibitors if we want to look at their materials? You will be able to both chat with and message exhibitors during the convention. 


  • I’m willing to offer my time and volunteer to help TESOL with the online event or anything else needed. What can I do, whom should I contact? To volunteer to assist TESOL with the virtual conference, please email