Please check the time carefully as these are live events and all times listed are in U.S. Eastern Daylight Time. 

Tuesday, 23 March

8:00 am-12 noon

PCI 1: Reading Success With Extensive Reading: Why and How
Target Audience: Pre-service and in-service teachers
Skill Level: All levels of expertise

Adult ESL/EFL students need to read fluently for academic and professional success, yet many are reluctant readers. In this workshop, through hands-on experience with materials, participants learn how to design extensive reading programs that promote reading fluency as well as vocabulary, grammar, and listening proficiency.

Presenters: Doreen Ewert, University of San Francisco, San Francisco, California, USA; Thomas Robb, Kyoto Sangyo University, Kyoto, Japan

1:00-5:00 pm

PCI 2: Creating Oral Feedback Templates for Oral Production Tasks
Target Audience: ESL teachers, especially those teaching listening, speaking and/or pronunciation
Skill Level: All levels of expertise

Providing customized feedback to students is necessary but time consuming. This workshop seeks to alleviate this by creating feedback templates. Participants learn how to construct feedback that will be beneficial to their students' learning through practice sample activities. They create their own templates for their oral production tasks.


Presenters: Miralynn Malupa, Westcliff University, Irvine, California, USA; Andrew Eugene Patterson, Measurement Incorporated, Durham, North Carolina, USA


Wednesday, 24 March


8:00 am-12 noon


PCI 3: Engaging Family, Parents, and Communities to Promote EL Success

Target Audience: P–12 teachers

Skill Level: All levels of expertise


Participants develop responsive plans to leverage family, school, and community resources to promote success for ELs in P–12 settings. Come prepared to share experiences, develop games, and explore ways that parents, families, schools, communities, and the world can help to strengthen the teacher-student relationship.


Presenters: DJ Kaiser, Webster University, Webster Groves, Missouri, USA; Soheil Mansouri, Webster University, Webster Groves, Missouri, USA; Yin Lam Lee-Johnson, Webster University, Webster Groves, Missouri, USA; Shane Kennedy, Webster University, Webster Groves, Missouri, USA


PCI 4: RTI/MTSS Implementation: Identifying and Supporting EL Academic Achievement

Target Audience: Educators from the fields of General Education, ESL, Bilingual Education, Special Education; RTI/MTSS Interventionists, Administrators, and Related Service Providers, Content Area Coaches who work with, and have a working knowledge of, the RTI/MTSS teams within their schools or districts.

Skill Level: Novice to intermediate levels of expertise


When linguistically diverse students struggle academically, it is schools'/districts' responsibility to assess whether it is due to language differences or disability. Successful implementation of response to intervention (RTI)/multitiered system of supports (MTSS) is key to ensuring that ELs receive appropriate intervention to maximize their academic achievement and language acquisition.


Presenters: Marybelle Marrero-Colon, Center for Applied Linguistics, Washington, DC, USA; Maria Cieslak, Center for Applied Linguistics, Washington, DC, USA


PCI 5: Employing Storytelling to Foster Dialogue, Build Empathy, and Create Community

Target Audience: ESOL educators, administrators, and student services staff

Skill Level: All levels of expertise


Storytelling circles provide a foundation of openness that fosters empathy and understanding among groups of any background. Participants are guided through facilitating and experiencing their own storytelling circles, reflecting on their own experiences and their positionality, and conceptualizing how they will apply the tools to their courses, campus, and communities.


Presenters: Amy Alice Chastain, the University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, USA; Tea Rozman Clark, Green Card Voices, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; Sylvie Dosseh, Green Card Voices, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA


PCI 6: Observation and Feedback to Advance Teacher Learning - SOLD OUT

Target Audience: Supervisors, administrators, teacher coaches, teacher leaders, peer coaches, ESL and EFL staff developers, Teacher educators, program administrators, department chairs, teachers

Skill Level: All levels of expertise


This highly participatory PCI deepens expertise in observation and feedback for English language teacher development. Participants engage in a complete observation cycle to explore approaches to capturing data, target growth areas, and promote teacher learning during conferencing. Innovations such as video for feedback and observing online teaching are shared.


Presenters: Laura Baecher, Hunter College–CUNY, New York, New York, USA; Mary Scholl, Centro Espiral Mana, San Ramón, Costa Rica


1:00-5:00 pm

PCI 7: Supporting Students With Limited or Interrupted Education

Target Audience: Elementary, secondary, and teacher educators

Skill Level: All levels of expertise

This Preconvention Institute session provides answers to these questions: Who are the students with limited or interrupted education, where do they come from, what are the causes of their interrupted education, and, most importantly, what can we, as educators, do to help these students make up for lost time?


Presenters: Brenda Custodio, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA; Judith O'Loughlin, Language Matters Education Consultants, LLC, San Francisco, California, USA


PCI 8: Evidence-Based Tools and Practices for Building Productive Academic Word Knowledge

Target Audience: K-12 teachers, administrators and teacher educators, intensive English

program teachers, adult education ESL teachers, college ESL teachers

Skill Level: All levels of expertise


Productive word knowledge, the ability to competently use a word in speech and writing, is pivotal to school and workplace achievement. Drawing upon scholarship and classroom experience, the presenter introduces instructional principles and proven practices to prepare ELs for the vocabulary demands of academic interaction, text analysis, and constructed response.


Presenter: Kate Kinsella, Dr. Kate Kinsella & Associates, San Francisco, California, USA


PCI 9: Techniques for Teaching Content Through English

Target Audience: anyone interested in the teaching of content through English and the use of English as

Medium of Instruction

Skill Level: All levels of expertise


Teaching content through English (e.g., CBI, English as medium of instruction) offers opportunities, but risks abound. Participants learn ways to maximize benefits by designing "high structure" courses that maintain rigor while making effective use of class discussions and peer interaction to support language and content learning.


Presenter: Christopher Stillwell, College of the Sequoias, Visalia, California, USA


PCI 10: Planning for the Success of ELs—What Works?

Target Audience: P–12 ESOL educators

Skill Level: All levels of expertise


Participants examine research-based strategies and approaches to assist ELs in meeting grade-level standards. Participants gain a deeper understanding of how language development affects instruction and learning at different proficiency levels and experience a variety of strategies and modifications that can be strategically applied to lesson plans.


Presenters: Areli Schermerhorn, American Federation of Teachers, Washington, DC, USA; Susan Lafond, American Federation of Teachers, Washington, DC, USA; Giselle Lundy-Ponce, American Federation of Teachers, Washington, DC, USA