Hands-On Workshops Led by Experts in the Field

Preconvention Institutes (PCIs) offer in-depth, hands-on professional development workshops designed and led by experts in the field of English language teaching and learning.

Topics are selected by the Conferences Professional Council in response to suggestions from convention planners and past PCI participants.

The TESOL ​2022 PCIs will be held on Tuesday, ​22 March. Click here for complete PCI description, including target audience for each PCI.  All listed times are in U.S. Eastern Time. 

Date and time Titles and presenters
Tuesday, 22 March
(9:00 am - 4:00 pm)

PCI 1: Feedback Amplified: Integrating Video Feedback into Your Assessment Repertoire (CANCELED)
Presenters: Miralynn Malupa and Andrew Patterson

PCI 2: Essentials of Pronunciation Teaching and Learning
Presenters: Donna Brinton, Colleen Meyers, Carolyn Quarterman and Brian Teaman

PCI 3: Engaging Family, Parents, and Communities of ELs – The TSSN
Presenters: DJ Kaiser, Soheil Mansouri, Yin Lam Lee-Johnson and Shane Kennedy

PCI 4: Speaking of Fun: Drama in the L2 Classroom
Presenters: Melisa Cahnmann, Kathleen McGovern

PCI 5: Planning for the Success of English Language Learners in Academic Content Classes—What Works?
Presenter: Giselle Lundy-Ponce

PCI 6: Strategies for Coaching Novice GenZ Teachers in the New Normal (CANCELED)
Presenters: Silvia Breiburd and Debora Nacamuli Klebs

PCI 7: Identifying, Referring and Servicing Dually Identified EL/SpEd Students
Presenters: Lynda  Idle and Fran Herbert

Tuesday, 22 March
(8:00 am - 12:00 pm)

PCI 8: Microcredentialing via simulation: Addressing the language/academic needs of English learners (CANCELED)
Presenters: Florin Mihai, Joyce Nutta, Kerry Purmensky, Leslie Mendez, Laura  Monroe

PCI 9: Advocacy in Action: Becoming a Powerful and Effective TESOL Advocate
Presenters: JAMES WHITING, Heather  Linville

PCI 10: Practicing Communicative Activities with High Utility, Interesting Picture Books (CANCELED)
Presenter: Ana Lado

PCI 11: Developing Classroom Strategies to Create Equity for Vulnerable Learners
Presenters: Jana Moore, Mary Jane Boynton

PCI 12: Template for Online Teaching: The Synchronous Online Flipped Learning Approach (CANCELED)
Presenters: Helaine Marshall, Heather Rubin

PCI 13: High Impact Supervision for High Impact English Language Teaching
Presenter: Laura Baecher

Tuesday, 22 March
(1:00 pm - 5:00 pm)
PCI 14: Creating a Successful Program to Address Newcomer and SIFE Learners
Presenters: Judith O'Loughlin, Brenda Custodio

PCI 15: A Multilingual Approach to Diversity in Education (CANCELED)
Presenters: MaryAnn Christison, Anna Krulatz, Yagiong (Sue) Xu, Dianna Walla

PCI 16: The Online EAP Course: From Emergency Response to High-Quality Instruction (CANCELED)
Presenter: Beatrix Burghardt

PCI 17: Sheltered Instruction and Writing: A Winning Combination for Content Area Teachers (CANCELED)
Presenter: Marybelle Marrero-Colon

PCI 18: Expanding Your Tech Tool Box for All Mediums of Instruction
Presenter: Judith Otterburn-Martinez

PCI 19: Implementing Extensive Reading: Why and How
Presenters: Doreen Ewert, Tom Robb

Registration Fees

 advance: 1 Marchon-site: after 1 March
Half day (4-hour PCI)$150$200
Full day (6-hour PCI)$225$300

You do not have to register for the full TESOL convention to attend ​PCI, but you do have to register for ​PCI through the convention registration form.​


If you have questions about the PCIs, please contact TESOL Strategic Events.