How to use the Planner feature on the Mobile App

Set your itinerary in Dallas using the mobile app! This year, the app planner is not connected to the online itinerary planner on the TESOL website.

For iPhone

To begin, open the app and go to “My Planner.” Click on “Sessions” and browse the more than 700 sessions. When you find one you want to add to your schedule, click on the little star in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. The session will be automatically added to your Planner.

For Droid

To begin, open the app and go to “My Planner.” Create a login and password; this login is not connected to your TESOL login. Once you create the login, the app will take you to the app homepage. To begin planning your schedule, go to “Sessions,” where you can select a session and add it to your Planner.