Academic Sessions and InterSections

Academic sessions and InterSections highlight topics of relevance to and across interest sections, providing a collaborative forum for attendees and seeking innovative and cross-disciplinary approaches and solutions. This brief list grouped into a few broad categories is just a sample of the hundreds of sessions that provide something for everyone.

Adult Education

Examining New NRS Policy: Perspectives and Implications for Adult ESOL
Presenter: Rebecca Fernandez
Interest Section: Adult Education

Preparing Adult Educators for 21st Century Educational Demands
Presenters: Milcah A. Ochieng, Nikki Ashcraft, Joy Kreeft Peyton, Gabriel Diaz Maggioli, Gertrude Tinker Sachs, Kathleen M. Bailey, Dawn Saint
Interest Sections: Adult Education, Teacher Education


Bilingual Education

Developing Academic Literacy Across the Content Areas
Presenters: Sandra Mercuri, Jim Cummins, David Freeman, Yvonne Freeman, Cecilia Silva, Luciana de Oliveira, Christina Celic
Interest Section: Bilingual Education


Computer-Assisted Language Learning

Academic Session: Gaming and Language Learning
Presenters: Roger Drury, Dawn Bikowski, Elizabeth Hanson-Smith, Deborah Healey, Jeff Kuhn, Rick Rosenberg, Jacqueline Gardy
Interest Section: Computer-Assisted Language Learning

New Tools/Techniques in CALL
Presenters: Roger Drury, Christel Broady, Morag Burke, Paul Sweeney, Suzan Stamper, Vance Stevens, Stephanie Buechele
Interest Sections: Computer-Assisted Language Learning, Elementary Education, International Teaching Assistants


Elementary/Primary Education

Academic Rigor and Success for ELLs Through Collaboration and Interaction Presenters: Ana Behel, Laura Lukens, Susan Spezzini, Linda New Levine
Interest Section: Elementary Education

Meeting the Challenges of Elementary ESL and EFL Instruction
Presenters: Ana Behel, Lucilla Lopriore, Domingos Di Lello, Debbie Zacarian, Theresa Laquerre
Interest Sections: Elementary Education, English as a Foreign Language


English for Specific Purposes

Developments in ESP Pedagogy Around the Globe Presenters: Yinghuei Chen, Jigang Cai, Charles Sykes
Interest Section: English for Specific Purposes

Crucial Variables for Harmony in the ESP Classroom
Presenters: Najma Janjua, Mark Krzanowski, Kevin Knight, Shahid Abrar-ul-Hassan, Evan Frendo, Yinghuei Chen, Margaret van Naerssen, Anne Lomperis, David Kertzner, Zeynep Altinsel
Interest Sections: English for Specific Purposes, English as a Foreign Language, International Teaching Assistants

Secondary Education

Promoting the Academic and Linguistic Success of Long Term ELs Presenters: David Freeman, Yvonne Freeman, Mary Soto, Roger Rosenthal,  Beatriz Arias, J. Andres Ramirez
Interest Section: Secondary Schools

ELLs and the New Standards, Understanding the Role of Language
Presenters: Ai­da Walqui
Interest Sections: Secondary Schools, Elementary Education


Intercultural Communication

Teacher Values, Beliefs and Identities in the ESOL Classroom
Presenters: Annette Bradford, Alvino Fantini, Lynne Di­az-Rico, Carla Chamberlin-Quinlisk, Bonny Norton
Interest Section: Intercultural Communication

Practical Ways to Use Intercultural Rhetoric in Teaching L2 Writing
Presenters: Laura Jacob, Ulla Connor, Xiaoye You, Deron Walker, Nasima Yamchi
Interest Sections: Intercultural Communication, Second Language Writing


International Teaching Assistants

Recent Research Regarding ITAs: The Dynamics of Interaction
Greta Gorsuch, Okim Kang, Lucy Pickering, Shelley Staples, Elizabeth Wittner Interest Section: International Teaching Assistants

New Technology Horizons for International Teaching Assistants
Presenters: Kimberly Kenyon, Dawn Bikowski, Robert Elliott, Janet Goodwin, Barbara Schroeder Jensen, Mary Jetter, Jeff Kuhn
Interest Sections: International Teaching Assistants, Computer-Assisted Language Learning, Video Digital Media



Leadership in Language Program Administration Presenters: Kristin Hiller, Amy Fenning, Kyungsook Yeum
Interest Section: Program Administration

Socially Responsible Leadership
Presenters: Kristin Hiller, David Royal, Steven Hales
Interest Sections: Program Administration, Social Responsibility


Materials Writers

A Balancing Act? Materials Writers, Publishers, Classroom Teachers, and Researchers
Presenters: Keith Folse, Irene Schoenberg, Nick Robinson, Sally Searby, Amy McCormick, Christina Cavage
Interest Section: Materials Writers

Two Sides of the Textbook: Materials Writers and IEP Instructors
Presenters: Jim Bame, Lynn Bonesteel, Doe-Hyung Kim, Nolan Weil
Interest Sections: Intensive English Programs, Materials Writers


Nonnative English Speakers in TESOL

The Birth, Growth, and Future of NNEST Movement in TESOL
Presenters: Ali Fuad Selvi, Brock Brady, Lía Kamhi-Stein, Jun Liu, Ahmar Mahboob, Aya Matsuda, Paul Kei Matsuda
Interest Section: Nonnative English Speakers in TESOL


English as a Foreign Language

Harmonizing EFL Practices: Neuroscientific Research
Presenters: Janet Zadina, Arturo Hernandez, Nina Kraus
Interest Section: English as a Foreign Language

Harmonizing ESP Practice in EFL Contexts Through Curricular Innovation
Presenters: Jane Hoelker, Jeremy Sykes, Suchada Nimmannit, Najma Janjua, Prithvi Shrestha
Interest Sections: English as a Foreign Language, English for Specific Purposes

Refugee Concerns

Communities Engaged in the Resettlement Process
Presenters: Caitriona Lyons, Rachel Steinhardt, Amy Snyder, Ellen Payne, Pam Welch
Interest Section: Refugee Concerns

Current Topics in Social Responsibility: Refugee Populations
Presenters: Traci Weinstein, Comfort Davis-Mingot
Interest Sections: Refugee Concerns, Social Responsibility


Writing, Composition

Practicalities of Teaching Academic Reading and Writing
Presenters: Marianne Celce-Murcia, Neil Anderson, Anne Burns, Eli Hinkel
Interest Section: Applied Linguistics

The Internationalization of Higher Education: Examining Issues, Maximizing Outcomes
Presenters: Gena Bennett, Dudley Reynolds, Maggie Sokolik, Margi Wald, Jan Frodesen, Megan Siczek, Gayle Nelson, Diane Schmitt
Interest Section: Second Language Writing

Interlanguage/Intercultural Impact on HE Chinese and Arabic Students’ Writing Competence
Presenters: Kim Song, Ke Xu, Jane Hoelker, Kelly Schroeder
Interest Sections: Higher Education, Bilingual Education, English as a Foreign Language

Applied Linguistics and IEP Teaching Essentials of Academic Skills
Presenters: Jim Bame, Gena Bennett, Jan Frodesen, Eli Hinkel
Interest Sections: Applied Linguistics, Intensive English Programs

Voice and Identity in Pre-University Second Language Writers
Presenters: Gena Bennett, Suresh Canagarajah, Diane Belcher, Jim Rogers, Silva Pessoa
Interest Sections: Second Language Writing, Intensive English Programs


Social Responsibility

Creating Global Citizens: Socially Responsible Educators in ESL Classrooms
Presenters: Jeanne Malcolm, Kip Cates, Comfort Davis Mingot, Earlene Gentry, Rob Clément,  Shelley Wong, Hamdi Tantawi
Interest Section: Social Responsibility

Voices From the Periphery of TESOL: Non-Western Perspectives
Presenters: Jeanne Malcolm, Comfort Davis Mingot, Earlene Gentry, Iris Selina Devadason, Laura Jacob, Eva Fanjanirina Andrianarivo
Interest Sections: Social Responsibility, Intercultural Communciation


Speaking, Pronunciation, Phonology, Listening

Teaching Listening: From Perception to Comprehension
Presenters: Helen Solarzano, Janet Zadina, Steven Brown, Marnie Reed
Interest Section: Speech, Pronunciation, and Listening

Issues, Principles, and Practice in the Improvement of Productive Skills
Presenters: Miguel Fernandez, Jennifer Forth, Abby Franchitti, Peggy Allen Heidish, Heather Robertson
Interest Section: Higher Education

Pronunciation Research and Practice in EFL Contexts
Presenters: Michael Burri, Okim Kang, Ee Ling Low, Lucia Santos, Jennifer Hua
Interest Sections: Speech, Pronunciation, and Listening; English as a Foreign Language; Nonnative English Speakers in TESOL

Creating and Choosing the Best Materials for Speaking and Pronunciation
Presenters: Stephen Jones, Marsha Chan, Linda Grant, Tamara Jones
Interest Sections: Materials Writers; Speech, Pronunciation, and Listening


Teacher Education

Teacher Identity Research Today: Implications for Teacher Education
Presenters: Jenelle Reeves, Suhanthie Motha, Gloria Park, John Trent, Manka Varghese
Interest Section: Teacher Education

Issues, Identity, and Innovation in NNES Teacher Education
Presenters: Anne Walker, Bedrettin Yazan, Sreemali Hereth, Patricia Pashby
Interest Sections: Teacher Education, Nonnative English Speakers in TESOL


Video and Digital Media

Using Video, Digital Media in the New Era of ELT
Presenters: Kenneth Chi, Ashley Green, Johanna E. Katchen, Duysevi Miyar, Jason R. Levine
Interest Section: Video Digital Media

Why and How of Using Digital Media in Elementary Education
Presenters: Kenneth Chi, Christel Broady
Interest Sections: Video Digital Media, Elementary Education

Harmony in ESP Practice With Computers, Video and Digital Media
Presenters: Najma Janjua, Prithvi Shrestha, Christine Sabieh, Nellie Deutsch, Kenneth Chi, Kathleen Mitchell, Marvin Hoffland, Camille Jones
Interest Sections: English for Specific Purposes, Computer-Assisted Language Learning, Video and Digital Media


Vocabulary, Lexicon

Perspectives on Teaching and Learning Academic Vocabulary
Presenters: Caralyn Bushey, Diane Schmitt, Keith Folse, Averil Coxhead
Interest Section: Intenstive English Programs


Reading, Literacy

Opportunities and Challenges in Teaching and Researching L2 Reading
Presenters: William Grabe, Neil J. Anderson, Ke Xu, Fredricka L. Stoller, Lawrence Jun Zhang
Interest Sections: Nonnative English Speakers in TESOL, Teacher Education, English as a Foreign Language

Thoughtful Academic Literacy for English Learners
Presenters: Sandra Mercuri, Dave Crowther, Sandra Musanti, Kelly Hill, David Schwarzer
Interest Sections: Bilingual Education, Elementary Education