TESOL Thanks its Dream Day Event Partner

K–12 Dream Day in Dallas
Wednesday, 20 March 2013, 7 am–5:15 pm    

TESOL’s K–12 Dream Day in Dallas invites all mainstream teachers and administrators to join a host of international and local ESL experts and educators for a day of interactive training. The 28 workshops are designed to equip attendees with new strategies and resources for working with their English language learners. Choose from one of seven strands or mix and match to suit your educational needs.

TESOL’s K–12 Dream Day promises to provide interactive, practice-oriented sessions that focus on concrete ways to increase students engagement and achievement from preschool to high school. All attendees are invited to attend a late morning keynote with lunch to follow, and the day will close with an afternoon reception in which participants can share what they’ve learned with colleagues from around the world.

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7 am–8 am     

11:15 am–1 pm  
Late Morning Keynote: Jim Cummins
Reality Check: Common Core State Standards, ELLs, and Research
Lunch to follow

The presentation will review the research evidence regarding the academic trajectories of English language learners and discuss the instructional relevance of this evidence in light of the Common Core State Standards. Strategies for developing evidence-infused school-based language policies will be discussed.

Jim Cummins is a Canada Research Chair in the Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning of OISE/University of Toronto. His research focuses on literacy development in multilingual school contexts. His most recent book is Identity Texts: The Collaborative Creation of Power in Multilingual Schools (Trentham Books 2011, with Margaret Early).

4:30 pm – 5:15 pm          
Closing Remarks & Networking Reception


A.    Best Practices
B.    Accelerating Language/Literacy Development
C.    Administrators as Advocates
D.    Improving School Climate
E.    Taking on Common Core
F.    Hot Topics: Challenges and Successes
G.    The Professional Development Continuum

Strands with Abstracts

First Session: 8 am–9:30 am
A.    A Three Step Approach to Academic Language Development
Presenters: David Freeman, Yvonne Freeman
B.    Developing Mastery of High-Utility Academic Vocabulary for Career and College
Presenter: Kate Kinsella
C.    Making the Dream Real! Ensuring ELLs' Success in Public Schools
Presenters: Superintendent Panel
D.    Our Role in the “Cyberbullying” Frenzy
Presenter: Barbara-Jane Paris
E.    Blending TESOL PreK–12 ELP Standards With CCSS for ELL Success
Presenters: Judy O’Loughlin, Lynore Carnuccio
F.    Differentiation and Intervention for Challenged and Challenging Learners
Presenter: Catherine Collier
G.    Mainstream Teachers and Coaches Respond to ESL Instructional Coaching
Presenters: Annela Teemant, Serena Tyra, Karen Goldstein, Janet Larr, Julie Gossard, Amie Rohrer,  & Aaron Botsford 

Second Session: 9:40 am – 11:10 am    
A.    Rebooting the Formative Assessment Process for ELLs!
Presenters: Tim Boals, Maureen Keithley
B.    Responsive Reading and Writing Practices That Capture Dreamers’ Aspirations
Presenter: Maria Franquiz
C.    The 12 Must Dos for ELL Students for College Readiness
Presenter: Patrick Briggs
D.    Struggling Forward: Towards A Praxis of Recognition in U.S. Schools
Presenter: Louie Rodriguez
E.    Fission or Fusion? Exploring Fallout of the Common Core
Presenter: Cindy Hunt
F.    Motivating Students Through a Focus on Identity Formation
Presenter: Francisco Valdiosera
G.    Coteaching and Other Collaborative Adventures Among Teachers of ELLs
Presenters: Bonnie Baer-Simahk, Patricia Aube

Third Session1:15 pm – 2:45 pm
A.    Biliteracy: Our Best Bet
Presenter: Joan Wink
B.    Effective Science Teaching for English Language Learners: A Sociocultural Approach
Presenters: Marco Bravo, Jorge Solis
C.    ELLs, Immigration, and Student Rights
Presenter: Charles Kuck
D.    Improve School Climate for ELLs by Connecting With Their Families
Presenter: Betty Smallwood
E.    Mathematics for Everyone: Making the Common Core Work for ELLs
Presenter: Anita Bright
F.    Becoming Learning Specialists
Presenters: Francis Bailey, Ken Pransky
G.    Coaching Teams: Transforming Educator Practices Through Inquiry, Collaboration, and Action
Presenters: Christy Reveles, Emily Evans Fanaeian

Fourth Session: 2:55 pm – 4:25 pm           
A.    Partnering With Teachers and Bilingual Students to Redefine Mathematical Engagement
Presenters: Craig Willey, Gina Yoder
B.    Getting Literacy Off the Ground With Adolescent ELLs
Presenter: Nancy Cloud
C.    Alternative Value-Added Assessments for Evaluating Teachers and Improving Learning
Presenters: Yolanda Padron, Hersh Waxman, Susana Franco-Fuenmayor
D.    Inspiring Students to Learn
Presenter: Raul Magdaleno
E.    Common Core, Different Texts, and ELLs:  A Focus on Academic Language
Presenter: Gisela Ernst-Slavit
F.    Connection for All: In a Project Based Learning Environment
Presenter:  - Rhonda Brill
G.    Empowering EFL/ESL Learners With Awesome Communicative Activities
Presenter: Mauricio Arango