Tea with Distinguished TESOLers

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Session #  Host   Topic
 T01 Mashael Al-Hamly Conference Planning: Issues to Consider
 T02 Elda Elizondo Using Mobile Devices in Class. Is It a Good Idea?
 T04 Christa Hansen The English Language Fellow Program: The International Teaching  Experience
 T05 Valerie S .Jakar Sustaining Teachers and Learners Through Mentoring Processes: Sharing Our
 T07 Ahmar Mahboob Language Variation and Pedagogy
 T08 Arturo Muñoz Creating a Professional Development Program: Exploring, Sustaining and Renewing
 T09 Fredricka L. Stoller Teaching Reading Strategies Versus Training Strategic Readers
 T10 Lillian L. C. Wong Innovation in English Language Education, Teacher Change, and Professional Development
 T11 Lawrence Jun Zhang Enhancing Learner Metacognition for Effective TESOL Instruction