ELT Leadership Management Certificate Program

The ELT Leadership Management Certificate Program (ELT LMCP) provides quality professional development and leadership training for ELT professionals in their current or future leadership, administrative, or management roles in various kinds of ELT organizations and institutions. This program is open to TESOL members and nonmembers.

To earn the 10-hour certificate, participants must complete a 7-hour required workshop, two 90-minute elective workshops (3 hours total), and pre- and postprogram surveys. All workshops must be completed at the 2014 TESOL convention.

Fees: Early registration (by 3 February), US$250 for members, US$325 for nonmembers; late registration, US$300 for members, US$375 for nonmembers. Participants can register for the ELT LMCP at the time they register for the convention.

Note: The updated Leadership Development Certificate Program (LDCP) provides training for TESOL members (only) interested in developing their knowledge and skills as current or future leaders within TESOL International Association. The LDCP is now offered as an online-only 4-week course, 30 September–25 October 2013 (the registration deadline is 20 September). The TESOL website has information about all of TESOL’s certificate training programs.

ELT LMCP Registration Terms

Enrollment is limited to 75 participants for the 7-hour required workshop; all other workshops are limited to approximately 35 participants. Participants will be admitted to the ELT LMCP on a first-come, first-served basis. Pre-purchased tickets can be picked up on-site at the registration area of the convention center.

Workshop Descriptions