Reviews are complete!  Thank you to everyone who participated in reviewing the TESOL 2015 proposals. 

Official thank you letters will be emailed the week of 21 July.

Reviewer FAQ

  1. I have reviewed in the past for TESOL, am I a current reviewer?   If you updated your application, and have done the training, you are a reviewer for 2015. Email confirmations were sent on 3 June 2014. 
  2. I did the training, how will TESOL know that?  TESOL gets bi-weekly reports with the name and number of minutes viewed. If you have clocked in at least 35 minutes (total) anytime after 13 April 2012, there will be a record. 
  3. I am a new applicant, and I finished my training, what happens next? If you completed the training before 1 June, and your application was accepted, a confirmation email was sent on 3 June 2014. If you finished the training after 27 May, you are on a wait list to review (Second Round Reviewer).
  4. I am a new applicant and have not completed the training, what happens next?  Please apply again next year. 
  5. If I want to refer back to the rubric, where can I see it?  It will be visible as you conduct your reviews.  For a hard copy, click here
  6. What is the timeline for finishing the reviews?  Round One:  11 June – 1 July. If there are still outstanding reviewer assignments, there will be a Round Two: 1 July – 11 July.
  7. Is it important to leave comments?  Leaving comments for the submitter is required.  Your review is not complete unless you leave a score as well as a comment.
  8. Help, I was assigned the very proposal I submitted!  Don’t panic, this does happen.  Email us and let us know the proposal ID number so we can re-assign it to another reviewer.
  9. Why did I get more review assignments than I asked for?  Based on the number of proposals submitted, and the number of reviewers in any given content area, the review assignments are dispersed. The more content areas you choose, the more reviews will be assigned to you.
  10. How do I get technical support?  Call 866.438.7939 ext. 2, (Toll free in North America), +1 407.438.7939 ext 2 elsewhere, or email

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