Organizational Meetings

All meetings listed here are located in the Oregon Convention Center.  

Wednesday, 26 March

8:30 am–11:30 am       Leadership Briefing                                                PB 255

9 am–5 pm                  Affiliate Leaders’ Workshop                                    B113

1 pm–5 pm                  Interest Section Leaders’ Workshop                       PB 251/252

7 pm–9 pm                  Interest Section Steering Committee Meetings        PB 251/252

Thursday, 27 March

1 pm–3 pm                  Affiliate Editors’ Workshop                                       F152

2 pm–3 pm                  IS Editors’ Workshop                                                A103

3 pm–4 pm                  IS Community Managers’ Workshop                        D134

4 pm–5 pm                  Town Meeting                                                           E146

This meeting will be led by TESOL President Deena Boraie and attended by the Board of Directors and the Executive Director. The meeting provides a forum for the membership to ask questions about TESOL’s professional activities and offer comments and suggestions relating to current and upcoming activities.          

Interest Section Open Meetings

5 pm–6:30 pm            

Adult Education                                                          C123

Bilingual Education                                                     B118

Elementary Education                                                C120

English as a Foreign Language                                  C126

Higher Education                                                        C124                                       

International Teaching Assistants                               C121

Material Writers                                                          C125

Secondary Schools                                                     B119                          

Teacher Education                                                      C122                                            

6:45 pm–8:15 pm


Applied Linguistics                                                    B117

Computer-Assisted Language Learning                     PB257

English for Specific Purposes                                     C126

Intensive English Programs                                        C123

Intercultural Communication                                       B119

Nonnative English Speaking Teachers                       C120

Program Administration                                              C121

Refugee Concerns                                                      C125

Second Language Writing                                           B118

Speech/Pronunciation/Listening                                 C122              

Social Responsibility                                                   C124

Video Digital Media                                                    F149

Friday, 28 March

10 am–12:30 pm         Affiliate Assembly                                                       A106

1 pm–4pm                   Interest Section Assembly                                          D135

5 pm–6:30 pm             Annual Business Meeting                                           PB253

This meeting is open to all attendees.  Members vote on resolutions, learn about the state of the association, and observe the installation of newly elected officers of TESOL. Eligible voting members will be wearing badges encoded with the word “member” and will be seated in a designated area.