Measuring up to TESOL's Standards for Short-Term TEFL/TESL Certificate Programs

14075_FullTESOL International Association has developed Standards for Short-term TEFL/TESL Certificate Programs (STCP). This workshop is for those who are interested in implementing them.

Participants will receive an overview of the standards and will learn how to use the accompanying assessment tool to make improvements to their programs through activities and group discussions. Participants must come with their own copy of the standards.

Prior to attending the workshop, participants should purchase and acquaint themselves with the standards and the assessment.

When: 9 am–Noon, Saturday, 9 April 2016

Where: 2016 TESOL International Convention & English Language Expo, Baltimore, Maryland

Who Should Attend: Program administrators and faculty from independent and university programs interested in implementing the standards

What Will I Learn?: Participants from short-term certificate programs will participate in individual program-reflections, small group activities, and large group discussions to complete the following:
  • Review the STCP
  • Share policy and process examples from their own programs
  • Understand the steps needed to implement the STCP assessment tool
Registration: Register online
Cost: US$195