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Saturday, 25 March

Half Day, 8 am–12 pm

31. Inclusion and Diversity in the Adult Education Classroom: Valuing the Differences
Target Audience: Instructors and directors of ESL/ABE programs
Skill Level: All levels of expertise

This workshop allows participants to consider links between culture and cognition.  Participants will explore how adult learners’ cultures shape their thinking.  Participants will learn a theory of action to create experiences that value the differences that learners bring to an ESL or ABE classroom.  Participants will leave the workshop with a plan that supports inclusion in their work.

Presenters: Christie Knighton, Highline College, Des Moines, Washington, USA
Bob Hughes, Seattle University, Seattle, Washington, USA

32. Instructional Strategies for Teaching Nonliterate and Low-Literate Adults
Target Audience: Instructors, trainers, and administrators of adult education programs including refugee and immigrant nonprofit organizations and community colleges
Skill Level: All levels of expertise

When writing on the board does not help, when students cannot read handouts and lack study skills, teachers need strategies and tools to help students become literate. In this hands-on workshop, the presenter demonstrates a taxonomy of effective strategies to teach emergent literacy and discuss adaptations of activities to include nonliterate learners in classes with literate students.

Presenter: Alysan Croydon, School of Teaching ESOL and South Seattle College, Seattle, Washington, USA