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What Happened to the Tea?

CoffeeYes, TESOL usually offers tea with distinguished TESOLers, but when you're gathering in Starbucks' hometown, you drink coffee, right? Of course, if you'd rather have tea, that will be available, too.

Renew your energy with a Cup o' Joe and a light snack while you and a small group of colleagues discuss a current topic of interest with a leading TESOL expert.

Each topic is limited to nine participants. Don't miss this opportunity to talk to a leading TESOLer about critical issues in ELT. The coffees sell out quickly, so register early!

The Coffee Talks are sponsored by:
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When and Where?

Sheraton Seattle
Wednesday–Friday, 22–24 March
3:00 pm–3:45 pm


Tickets are US$45 for each coffee. 

Tickets that are not sold in advance can be purchased on site at the TESOL Registration Desk. To order tickets, please see the convention registration form (available 15 September).

Hosts and Topics

Wednesday, 22 March



CT-1 Amanda Baker Pronunciation Pedagogy and Teacher Development in TESOL
CT-2 Sarah Benesch Pedagogy and Emotions: Exploring English Language Teachers' "Emotion Labor"
CT-4 Luciana de Oliveira A Language-based Approach to Content Instruction (LACI): Scaffolding in K-12
CT-7 Kim McDonough Using Collaborative Writing Activities in EFL Contexts
CT-8 Priyanvada (Priya) Abeywickrama Classroom Assessment: Engaging Teachers, Enriching Practices and Empowering Students
CT-9   Elaine Tarone Relationship Between Alphabetic Print Literacy and Oral English Language Acquisition

Thursday, 23 March



CT-6 Ahmar Mahboob Getting Your Work Published
CT-10 Neil J Anderson     Engaging in Motivational Teaching Practices
CT-11 Donna Brinton Integrating Content and Language: A Flexible Architecture
CT-12 Anne Burns Exploring the Teaching of Speaking
CT-14 Karen Johnson Second Language Teacher Education
CT-15 Ryuko Kubota Seeking Welfare in TESOL: Social and Individual Engagement
CT-16 Stephanie Lindemann Sociolinguistics and Pronunciation Teaching
CT-17 David Nunan From the Classroom to the Wider World
CT-18 Randi Reppen Developing Learner Resources Using Corpus Linguistics

Friday, 24 March



CT-3 Peter De Costa The Power of Identity and Ideology in TESOL
CT-5 Tom Farrell Reflective Practice for Language Teachers
CT-19 Nancy Bell Integrating Humor into the L2 Classroom: How and Why
CT-20 Liying Cheng Bridging Language Testing and Assessment in the Classroom
CT-21 Andy Curtis Learning to Lead in Language Education
CT-22 Scott Douglas Inquiry Supported Content-based English Language Teaching and Learning
CT-23 Eli Hinkel Teaching Grammar Constructions for Speaking and Writing
CT-24 Jane Hoelker Multiple Literacies in Practice
CT-27 Manka Varghese Raciolinguistics and Language Teacher Identity