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Please welcome the TESOL 2017 Ambassadors!

Moises AlcantaraMoisés Alcántara 

Academic Manager
ICPNA Region Centro, Junín, Peru
Teaching: 15 years
TESOL Conventions Attended: 10

"TESOL is always a golden opportunity to network, to revitalize ourselves, to reenergize, to appreciate the profession, and to value the job we do as teachers. I’m hoping to take on a leadership role or serve TESOL in some way, and to volunteer at the convention. I’m bringing lots of enthusiasm, energy, and a hunger for learning to Seattle, but most important is what I will take back to my community after the convention."

Katerine ChristensenKatherine Christensen

Brigham Young University – Hawaii, USA
First TESOL Convention

"At the 2017 convention, I look forward to networking with many other students and countries as well as expanding my understanding of this growing profession. I believe others should come to this convention because we are the future of the TESOL profession. The world needs teachers to be even more educated now than ever before. I envision these upcoming events also being an opportunity for collaboration, after which students and teachers can return to their studies with more capabilities and the tools to be their very best."

Erica LoneErica Lone

IEP/ESL Instructor
Seattle Colleges, Washington, USA
Teaching: 1 year
TESOL Conventions Attended: 1 

"The TESOL International Convention & English Language Expo is simply the best place to build the TESOL community. By attending, professionals at every level can contribute to and help grow our collective knowledge—thereby enhancing the learning opportunities and experiences for all learners, everywhere. Something I personally value tremendously about the TESOL community is its generous, collaborative nature. We are more interested in serving our students’ needs than our own, so we don't hesitate to share ideas and resources with each other. What better way to share than at the convention, where the love of the work drives educators from around the world. 

"There's something for everyone at the convention, whether your passion is using technology to flip your classroom or promoting social justice through basic education. And everyone has something to contribute, from those just starting in the field to seasoned veterans. Bring your passion and your curiosity. Together, we can reflect on what we know and move forward toward greater knowledge."

Gilda Martinez AlbaGilda Martinez-Alba

Chair and Associate Professor
Towson University, Maryland, USA
Years Teaching: 28
TESOL Conventions Attended: ‚Äč6

"I love the TESOL conventions! Having attended numerous different ELL-related conferences over the years, I believe this is THE conference for English language educators. I always tell people: “If you can only go to one conference, this is the one.” There are thousands of people to meet, and it is extremely well organized.

"You can also truly find a variety of topics in the presentations to meet your needs. I love how you can attend regular presentations, poster sessions, and IS meetings, and then just pop into the Electronic Village. What is not to love? I am so there, and I hope you are, too!"

Ahu MoserAhu Moser

Intake & Assessment Specialist for ESL Classes
Literacy Council of Montgomery County, Maryland, USA
Years Teaching: 20
TESOL Conventions Attended: 4

"I was born and raised in Turkey. I have been living in the United States for more than 12 years, and I am hoping to bring to TESOL 2017 my many years of teaching experience, my sound determination to my students, and my cultural awareness. I cannot think of any better opportunity than attending the TESOL convention for networking and professional development opportunities.

"I have always enjoyed attending the TESOL conventions, where almost everyone is from a different country but where we all gather around one specific goal: how we can be better educators so that we can enrich and empower our students to meet their learning needs. There is no better place than a TESOL convention to meet with colleagues. Just have an open mind, and do not be shy. I am extremely shy, and TESOL conventions help me break my guard, mingle, learn, and enjoy the diversity!"

Narad Kumar RijalNarad Kumar Rijal

Head of English Programmes
Kathmandu University High School
Kavre, Nepal
Years Teaching: 12
First TESOL Convention

"I want to share my teaching practices with the world outside. The TESOL International Convention & English Language Expo is the best platform to enrich ourselves with the current trends and practices that are happening in the world of English language teaching. It's an enlightening convention for the teachers of the world to share their teaching experiences. It is also a good platform to learn about the scholarly research in the field."

Michael WatersMichael Waters

Teacher, Macon County Schools
North Carolina, USA
Years Teaching: 35
TESOL Conventions Attended: 1

"TESOL is a great opportunity to reflect on your practice and find ways to improve your teaching. I hope to share with my colleagues my ideas about how storytelling motivates learners and helps them understand idioms, and I hope to bring back new thoughts on instruction and assessment."