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A Word of Advice

Audience engagement should be integrated into all session types. Presenters may consult notes but should avoid reading to create a dynamic session. For panel discussions, you should recruit your panelists before you submit your proposal.


45 min., 1–2 Presenters

Peer-to peer facilitated session on hot topic in TESOL. Proposals should include an overview of the issue(s), sample discussion topic(s), and a clear indication of audience involvement. Proposal should reflect strong, up-to-date knowledge of topic(s).

Sample Proposal: Dialogue 1

Sample Proposal: Dialogue 2


1 hr., 45 min.; 3–6 Presenters

Multiple, short presentations on and discussion of a current ELT issue focusing on practice, research, and/or advocacy. Proposals should include a synopsis of issue(s) and a plan for the topic and for each presentation (without listing presenters’ names). Panel members should be recruited prior to proposal submission.

Sample Proposal: Panel

Poster Session

1 hr., 45 min.; 1–2 Presenters

A summary of an academically sound, scholarly or creative project presented in a visually engaging format, highlighting work through charts, graphs, maps, etc. Proposals should include the main topic(s) and description of the visual display. Presenter(s) should plan on short, informative discussions with convention attendees throughout the entire poster session.

Note: No AV equipment will be available for poster sessions.

Sample Proposal: Poster Session 1

Sample Proposal: Poster Session 2

Practice-Oriented Presentation

45 min., 1–3 Presenters

Explanation of a teaching or assessment technique focused on implementation with no more than 10 minutes devoted to the underlying theory. Proposals should include a synopsis of the technique and a reference to teaching strategies and their implementation. Practitioners may submit a joint proposal focusing on two related techniques.

Sample Proposal: Practice-Oriented Session

Research-Oriented Presentation

45 min., 1–3 Presenters

Oral summary of the researcher’s topic and work in relation to theory and/or practice with only occasional reference to notes or text. Proposal should include a synopsis of the topic, including central research question, results, supporting evidence, and implications. Presentation should be addressed to a general TESOL audience, not scholars in a subfield. Researchers may submit a joint proposal focusing on two related research projects.

Sample Proposal: Research-Oriented Session

Teaching Tip

20 min., 1–2 Presenters

Oral summary of presenter’s work in relation to practice. Proposal should include a synopsis of the techniques, including brief description of the teaching tip. This session is shorter version of the Practice-Oriented Presentation.

Sample Proposal: Teaching Tip


1 hr., 45 min.; 1–6 Presenters

Structured hands-on professional development activity tackling an issue or developing a specific teaching or research technique. Proposal should include session goals, a synopsis of the theoretical framework, and a description of workshop tasks and procedures. Should also provide interactive activities in which participants share information, participate in simulations, and/or create materials and action plans.

Sample Proposal: Workshop 1
Sample Proposal: Workshop 2