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TESOL's Job MarketPlace (JMP) is a key resource for recruiters with positions to fill and for TESOL professionals looking for career opportunities. Located in the Expo Hall, JMP enables job seekers and recruiters to meet face to face for interviews. Last year, more than 350 job seekers from around the world scheduled interviews.

For Recruiters

Expand your reach! Reserve a recruitment booth at the 2017 Job MarketPlace, and receive a free job ad on TESOL's online Career Center.

Booth Space

Standard: US$2,250

10 ft by 10 ft private, hard-walled interview booth, two recruiter badges.

Premium: US$2,950

10 ft by 10 ft space in the Exhibit Hall.

Career Center

JMP gives you access to TESOL’s popular online Career Center, enabling you to post jobs, review more than 3,000 searchable résumés, and schedule interviews before the convention and on site.

Job MarketPlace Recruiter Brochure

The Job MarketPlace Recruiter Brochure, with full rate and booth space information, will be available in September.

Recruiters: Sign-up for the 2017 Job MarketPlace

For Job Seekers

Expand your search! The Job MarketPlace has recruiters from more than 30 organizations, and they all have access to résumés posted in the TESOL Career Center. Have you uploaded yours yet? Do it now!

Career Center

Be sure to upload your résumé in the TESOL Career Center well in advance of the convention. That way, you can make the most of jobs available and schedule your interviews before the convention.


If you register for the TESOL convention, you can participate in the Job MarketPlace at no extra charge. If you only want to participate in the Job MarketPlace, TESOL offers a special rate. For more information, see the TESOL registration application. Convention registration opens 15 September.

Job Seekers: Sign-up for the 2017 Job MarketPlace