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TESOL's Placement E-Bulletin

Placement E-Bulletin

The Placement E-Bulletin (PEB) is a biweekly electronic newsletter for TESOL members who are looking for jobs or interested in following trends in the field. Each issue contains worldwide job listings and periodically includes career development articles and special announcements for TESOL job seekers.

How to Subscribe to the PEB

The PEB is free to all TESOL members, but you must subscribe to receive it. To subscribe:

  • add a subscription to your TESOL membership by changing your preferences online:
    1. You must be a current TESOL member to participate.

      1. Log into the web site
      2. In the Member Toolbox area (where you logged in), click on the My Communities link
      3. Scroll towards the lower part of the screen and check the box for the Placement e-Bulletin
      4. Click the Save button on the lower right of the page

Did You Find a Job through the PEB?

If you found a job in TESOL's PEB, TESOL would love to hear from you. E-mail We may include your experience in our online and/or print materials.

How to Change the Address to Which the PEB is Sent

You may update your address via the My Profile link upon login at or by e-mailing your request to Please be aware that TESOL cannot send the PEB to a different e-mail address than the main email address we have on file. Please also note that if you changed your preferred e-mail address, you may also need to update your e-mail address for these optional member services:

What to Do if You Are Missing Editions of the PEB

The PEB is sent on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month. It may take until close of business the following Thursday to reach all subscribers. If you miss an edition or if your subscription stops abruptly, please take the following steps:

Check your TESOL membership record via the My Profile link upon login at Make sure that your membership is still active and that your record includes a PEB subscription. Check that the e-mail address on file with your membership record is correct.

If your membership has lapsed, contact for information about how to renew. If your e-mail address is incorrect, you may change it or send your updated address to If your e-mail address or PEB subscription is no longer included on your membership record, contact It is possible that your e-mail address was removed or your subscription was cancelled because TESOL received numerous reports of rejected messages from your account.

If your member record indicates that your TESOL membership is current and you are still a PEB subscriber at your current e-mail address, TESOL is still sending the PEBto you. If you are not receiving it, this means that there is a problem at the recipient end. You may want to check the bulk mail files of your email account. Sometimes, due to the length of the PEB, it is mistakenly filtered as unwanted mail. You may need to change your e-mail preferences or contact your e-mail service provider to remove any filters on your account.

If you need to have a missing edition resent to you, or have questions about your Placement E-Bulletin subscription, e-mail

How to Unsubscribe from the PEB

TESOL members who wish to unsubscribe from the PEB may remove the subscription from their TESOL membership via the My Communities link upon login at or by e-mailing your request to Changes will be effective with the next complete edition of the PEB.

The PEB is an opt-in subscription; it is sent only to active TESOL members who choose to subscribe and is never sent without your permission. To help ensure that individuals who wish to receive the PEB do not experience subscription interruptions due to e-mail service providers who mistakenly regard the Placement E-Bulletin as unwanted mail, TESOL respectfully requests that subscribers do not report the PEB as a Terms of Service violation (reporting the PEB as unwanted mail) to their e-mail service providers in lieu of unsubscribing.

TESOL takes complaints about unwanted email very seriously, in part because it is never TESOL's intent to send unwanted email to members, but also because each time a message is reported as a Terms of Service violation, TESOL's score as a legitimate mailer is lowered. Legitimate email from TESOL, including TESOL's electronic subscription publications, has been blocked in the past due to the high volume of Terms of Service complaints from individuals who subscribe to these publications then report them as unwanted mail. To help ensure that the PEB and other TESOL electronic subscription publications continue to reach members who choose to subscribe to them, TESOL must unsubscribe individuals who report the PEB as unwanted mail and may have to block all e-mail from TESOL to that individual.

Forwarding the PEB is Not Allowed

The PEB is a member benefit, and TESOL requests that subscribers do not reproduce or retransmit the PEB. This is partly a courtesy to other dues-paying TESOL members whose memberships are subsidizing this service, but is also a matter of the logistics of maintaining PEB subscription preferences for more than 13,000 TESOL members worldwide. TESOL receives complaints and unsubscribe requests from individuals who receive the PEB from a third party and has no way of fulfilling these requests. TESOL also receives email and contact information changes from people who are receiving the PEB from a third party and has no way of knowing that the request did not come from original subscriber, leading to potential inaccuracies in TESOL member records.

If you have students or colleagues who are interested in the ESL/EFL job market, please invite them to visit TESOL's Web site and join online or download an application. TESOL has a special student membership with a discounted dues rate of $51. TESOL has discounts available for retirees and joint memberships as well.

Evaluating PEB Job Postings

TESOL Online Career Center and PEB ads are reproduced as they are provided by the employer unless the ad copy doesn't adhere to TESOL's terms and conditions for advertisers which prohibit discrimination. TESOL has no information about the advertisements or the employers beyond the information that the employers have chosen to include in their advertisement.

TESOL does not evaluate employers and assumes no responsibility or liability for the employers' web site content, print materials, hiring practices, workplace facilities, or employment conditions. For helpful hints about how to evaluate employers, visit TESOL's Tips for Evaluating Potential Employers.

Individuals who apply to jobs posted in the PEB agree to hold harmless TESOL from any claims, damages or losses incurred by the applicant or any other party as a result of use of the TESOL system.