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Membership Benefits

Joining TESOL is an investment in you and your professional development. As a TESOL member, you become connected to a global community of educators, researchers, and students dedicated to English language teaching. Regardless of where you are in your career, TESOL membership offers many paths and opportunities to learn from and interact with your colleagues in ways that will help you meet your professional goals.

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Your membership dues provide you with the following advantages:

Access to an unparalleled professional knowledge base

  1. TESOL Resource Center (TRC) — Whether you are an educator, researcher, or student, the TRC gives you immediate access to grade-level appropriate lesson plans, assessments, and quizzes; scholarly papers and presentation templates; statistics and data; and so much more—and all in a convenient electronic format.
  2. TESOL Journal — an online, quarterly publication that connects theory with the practice of second- and foreign language education (available March 2010).
  3. TESOL Connections— an e-newsletter featuring articles and interviews, Job Link, association news, and links to helpful outside resources.
  4. The profession’s largest library of ESL/EFL titles — TESOL publishes nearly 90 books covering issues from assessment and pedagogy to technology and standards. These books can provide you with the knowledge and skills to continually enrich your professional life. TESOL members receive significant discounts on every book, and free shipping on orders of more than US$40.
  5. TESOL Quarterly— A scholarly journal covering research, analysis, and applications on all aspects of second-language learning and teaching.
  6. In the News blog — A regular summary of ESL/EFL issues in the news, and an opportunity to converse with other members about the issues that pique your interest.
  7. Essential Teacher - Essential Teacher (ET), is a magazine for language teachers and administrators in varied English language teaching workplaces, including pre-K-12, 2- and 4-year institutions of higher learning, and adult education. The magazine ceased publication in 2009, but the full archive is available online as a member resource.
  8. Non-TESOL Serial Publications – Access discounted non-TESOL subscriptions to a variety of professional journals and magazines

Lifelong learning opportunities

  1. TESOL Annual Convention and Exhibition — The TESOL convention is the largest English language teaching conference of its kind. It offers hundreds of education sessions: interactive discussions, workshops, forums, and presentations. In addition, you’ll see the latest in educational technology tools and have endless opportunities to catch up with colleagues and friends as well as make new connections.
  2. Online education — Regardless of where in the world you reside, TESOL can connect you with professional webinars and online courses that teach the latest in topics such as English language acquisition, teaching strategies, assessments, and curriculum development.
  3. Worldwide education — Every month TESOL provides an updated list of dozens of conferences being held around the world through local and regional TESOL affiliates.
  4. Professional Development — Around the world and online, TESOL offers a wide range of educational programs to help you hone your skills: teaching certificate programs, leadership development opportunities, symposia on critical issues, continuing education workshops, and much more
  5. Volunteer — Opportunities abound to become involved. Serve on a committee or become active in leading an interest section. Help out at the TESOL convention. Participate in the peer-review process on article submissions. Run for the board. Whether your goal is to become a leader in your profession or simply give something back to it, your TESOL membership expands your horizons.

Career Advancement

  1. TESOL Online Career Center — Hundreds of job listings throughout the year, covering a wide range of experience and disciplines within English language education.
  2. Job MarketPlace — Held during the Annual Convention, this online job fair allows you to explore hundreds of job announcements, submit your résumé, interview face-to-face with recruiters, and network with ESL/EFL professionals from around the world.
  3. Publish or present — Submit articles for publication in one of TESOL’s peer-reviewed journals or make a presentation at the Annual Convention
  4. Scholarships, awards, and grants — TESOL offers a number of programs intended to help professionals fund their continuing education.

Connections to colleagues

  1. Interest Sections — TESOL’s 21 interest sections (ISs) allow you to join and become actively involved in a vibrant online community. Participate in e-list discussions, contribute to section newsletters, or volunteer as a section leader. As a benefit of membership, you may join as many ISs as you would like.
  2. Online forums — Participate in special topic discussion groups centered around key topics affecting the profession.
  3. Directories – Search for leaders, colleagues or people by location, name or category through the TESOL membership and leader directories.

A voice in your community and your profession

  • Comment — Have input into TESOL’s standard-setting process and its position statements. You can make a difference! If you're passionate about making your profession better, TESOL welcomes your input to help it develop professional standards and position statements on key issues.
  • Advocacy — Make your voice heard on key political issues and comment on regulatory policies affecting ESL/EFL programs.
  • Vote – Exercise your right to vote in TESOL elections; whether for new Board members or your Interest Section leaders

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Access the Latest Membership Benefits Documents:

  • TESOL New Member Guide
    This guide provides an overview of the TESOL benefits available to you and is hyperlinked to allow you fast access to other areas of the Web site. You may also download this document as a PDF. Please get involved. Thank you for joining TESOL.
  • Access TESOL Quarterly Online (Members with Subscription Only)
    This document contains information to allow member-subscribers to access TESOL Quarterly online through Ingenta. If you are unable to view this document, then you are not a current TQ subscriber or have not logged in to TESOL's Web site.
  • TESOL Worldwide Long Distance Services
    TESOL has partnered with GlobalPhone Corporation to provide members with cost-saving, reliable services on all U.S. and international long distance calling, without hidden fees and costs charged by other telecommunications carriers. Wherever you are teaching or working, use your TESOL Worldwide Calling Card for convenient, simple, and dependable long distance. Every dollar you spend helps support TESOL.
  • TESOL Credit Card Program for U.S.-based Members
    Through Bank of America, TESOL offers its members the Platinum Plus MasterCard program.
  • TESOL's Placement E-Bulletin
    Information about TESOL's Placement E-Bulletin, a free, biweekly, electronic subscription publication for TESOL members. The Placement E-Bulletin summarizes recent job openings posted to TESOL's online Career Center.
  • Frequently Asked Questions About TESOL Membership
    View questions and answers regarding membership in TESOL, including information about publication mailing schedules, optional subscriptions, and processing times.

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