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Recruiting with TESOL's Placement E-Bulletin


The Placement E-Bulletin (PEB) is a biweekly electronic newsletter sent to more than 6,000 TESOL members. The PEB is sent only to TESOL members who choose to subscribe, so your job ads reach a very targeted audience of highly focused English language teaching job seekers.


There is no charge to post an ad in the PEB. PEB ads are free but are only available to employers with active job postings on TESOL's online Career Center. All ads posted on the JobFinder are automatically included in the PEB for as long as they remain active on the online Career Center.


The PEB is sent on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month. It includes all the jobs that were posted on the online Career Center as of close of business the preceding Friday. There are no deadlines, and there is no need to send ad text to TESOL.


The number of subscribers varies with each edition, but is within the range of 6,300–6,800 TESOL member subscribers. Please see a sample report showing the breakdown of PEB subscribers by country in which the member currently resides.

Terms and Conditions

As with the online Career Center ads, all jobs posted in the PEB must adhere to TESOL's Terms and Conditions for Recruiters. However, because your ad text will have already been reviewed before becoming active on the online Career Center, it will not need to undergo additional review for inclusion in the PEB.

The PEB is your key resource to reaching TESOL member job seekers. To ensure that job advertisements reach all TESOL members who are interested in receiving them and only those members who have agreed to receive them, TESOL does not distribute individual job ad messages or send announcements only to restricted audiences (e.g., applicants in a particular geographic area or applicants with a particular educational background). TESOL does not permit job announcements in print publications or e-lists other than the Placement E-Bulletin.

How to Post an Ad

Visit the online Career Center and follow the instructions to create an account and begin posting ads. Once your online Career Center ad is active, TESOL will automatically include it in the forthcoming editions of the PEB. You do not need to resend your ad text to TESOL.

Please note: TESOL online Career Center ads run for 45 days and appear in TESOL's Placement E-Bulletin for as long as they are posted. TESOL does not remove ads from the online Career or PEB on the basis of the application deadline you include in your ad, because doing so would violate the conditions promised to you when you posted your ad.

TESOL recieves complaints from PEB subscribers about PEB ads that include expired application deadlines. In addition to frustrating subscribers and making the PEBless useful to subscribers and advertisers alike, this practice may reflect badly on your institution because PEB subscribers are aware that removing expired ads is the responsibility of the employer. For these reasons, TESOL respectfully requests that you remove your posting from the online Career Center (which subsequently removes it from the PEB) once the application deadline has passed or the position has been filled. Removing your job will also help ensure that your institution does not continue to receive résumés and inquiries for a job that is no longer available.

The Last Word

Use of TESOL's Career Services, including the PEB, is at the employer's own risk. The employer acknowledges that TESOL does not screen candidates and that correspondence with and selection of candidates is the sole responsibility of the employer. The employer shall be solely responsible to third parties, including job seekers and the public, for all claims, liabilities, actions, costs, damages, and expenses arising out of or relating to the use of TESOL's Career Services, including thePEB. The employer shall indemnify, and hold harmless, TESOL and its employees, officers, directors, contractors, and members for proceedings, damages, losses, costs, and other expenses asserted, brought, or claimed by third parties, arising out of the employer's use of TESOL's Career Services. The employer agrees to pay any and all costs and expenses (including reasonable attorney's and experts' fees and litigation costs) incurred by TESOL, its officers, directors, contractors, members, employees, and agents in defending or resolving such claims as may be asserted against them.