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Four “Real Language” Principles for Effective Grammar Teaching


Anne Ediger


Wednesday, 19 November 2014
10:30 am–12:00 pm ET
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Who Should Attend?

ESL/EFL grammar teachers, curriculum developers, and program coordinators. Content will focus on grammar instruction at the secondary, higher education, and adult levels.

More About This Virtual Seminar

This is the first of four webinars on issues in teaching and learning grammar for facilitating academic language development. Recent findings from corpus grammar research, research on focus on form in ESL classrooms, and new understandings of how vocabulary and grammar knowledge interrelate have provided important new tools for teaching grammar. Similarly, recent research into novice teachers’ grammar knowledge and explanations has revealed some potential areas of difficulty for teachers.

This series draws on these research findings to suggest ways to address practical issues that arise in the teaching and learning of grammar in real classrooms. The presenters demystify grammar explanations and make concrete suggestions concerning teaching, learning, and assessment.

This first presentation offers several fundamental principles for grammar teaching and learning, addressing some ways in which teachers can be more effective in fostering their students’ grammar development. Specific examples and exercises will be provided to demonstrate each principle. 

What Will I Learn?

Participants will learn
  • why the way we talk about or describe grammar patterns can make such a difference in students’ understanding
  • how some teachers hinder (or at least do little to facilitate) grammar learning because they do not understand the process; how corpus research can show connections across multiple grammar structures that will ease students’ learning load
  •  why it makes sense to teach grammar knowledge and vocabulary knowledge not only as an integrated system but also as separate systems
  • how findings from research can help teachers avoid some common pitfalls

About the Presenter

Anne Ediger is a co-author of the four-volume ESL grammar series, Elements of Success: Grammar for Language Learning, among other books and articles. She is currently Professor and Coordinator of the TESOL MA Program at Hunter College, of the City University of New York. She holds a doctorate in applied linguistics from the University of California–Los Angeles, and has taught in ESL/EFL teacher education in New York, California, Japan, Korea, Mexico, and Vietnam. Her recent research focuses on the development of language knowledge by novice teachers.