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Plenary Speakers

Access the Latest Plenary Speakers Documents:

  • Wednesday Plenary Speaker Henry Widdowson
    The acronym TESOL represents concepts that imply a connection. But what kind of connection? How does the T relate to the E, and the E to the SOL? TESOL 2005 plenary speaker Henry Widdowson will discuss his views at 11:30am Wednesday, March 30, 2005.
  • Wednesday Plenary Speaker Doug Biber
    This TESOL 2005 plenary introduces corpus-based research and presents several case studies that illustrate how corpus findings can be directly relevant to classroom teaching and materials development--exploring the nexus between corpus findings and effective language teaching.
  • Thursday Plenary Speaker Kathy Mellor
    Kathy Mellor was named 2004 National Teacher of the Year. The awards program focuses public attention on teaching excellence, and honors Mellor for her work as an ESL teacher at Davisville Middle School in Rhode Island for the past 19 years.
  • Thursday Plenary Speaker Juliet Garcia
    South Texas, the fastest growing region in the state, is home to children who grow up using two languages. Dr. Garcia speaks on creating opportunities for students to learn in two languages and receive biliterate certification with their degrees.
  • Friday Plenary Speaker Claudio Sanchez
    TESOL 2005 presidential plenary speaker and former elementary and middle school teacher Claudio Sanchez is education correspondent for National Public Radio (NPR). He focuses on the "three Ps" of education reform: politics, policy, and pedagogy.
  • Friday Plenary Speaker Juliane House
    This plenary explores how in language teaching and learning we can do better justice to the fact that English is increasingly used in communications between speakers of many different mother tongues.
  • Saturday Plenary Speaker Paul Nation
    This plenary, "Teaching Vocabulary: Is It a Waste of Learning Time?," shows that teaching vocabulary has very limited value because of the very small contribution that teaching can make to overall knowledge of a word.