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Friday Plenary Speaker Juliane House

Juliane House
Hamburg University
Hamburg, Germany
Teaching and Learning English as an International Lingua Franca
Friday, April 1, 2-2:45 pm

This plenary explores how in language teaching and learning we can do better justice to the fact that English is increasingly used in communications between speakers of many different mother tongues. Following a review of the literature on global English both in the world and in the school, I propose some ways of teaching English as a lingua franca in the classroom. In support of these suggestions, I present findings from empirical research about interactions in English as a lingua franca and about the influence of English on other languages and on attitudes of minority language speakers toward global English.

Juliane House is a professor of applied linguistics at Hamburg University. Her research focuses on intercultural communication, cross-cultural pragmatics and discourse analysis, translation, and English as a lingua franca. Her publications include A Model for Translation Quality Assessment; Interlingual and Intercultural Communication(with S. Blum-Kulka), Let's Talk and Talk About It: A Pedagogic Interactional Grammar of English (with W. Edmondson), Cross-Cultural Pragmatics (with S. Blum-Kulka and G. Kasper), Misunderstanding in Social Life (with G. Kasper and S. Ross), and English as a Lingua Franca: A Threat to Multilingualism?