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Wednesday Plenary Speaker Henry Widdowson

Henry Widdowson
University of Vienna
Vienna, Austria
T - E - SOL: Only Connect...
Wednesday, March 30, 11:30 am-12:30 pm

As soon as people are born, they begin to make sense of the world and to create their versions of reality by tracing the meaningful connections between things. In TESOL, we create our own professional realities by the same process. The purpose of this presentation is to take a critical (and personal) look at a number of notions about how things are connected to make up the nexus of pedagogic practice. The acronym TESOL represents concepts that imply a connection. But what kind of connection? How does the T relate to the E, and the E to the SOL? How is each of these to be defined in relation to the others? Unpacking the acronym leads to the consideration of other more general links to TESOL: between teaching and learning, theories and practices, the global and the local, the past and the present. Only connect....

Professor Henry Widdowson's own connection with the TESOL profession began with his first tentative attempts at English language teaching in Indonesia nearly 50 years ago. He has been exploring ideas about English teaching ever since, most recently in his book Defining Issues in English Language Teaching. He is an internationally acclaimed authority in applied linguistics and language teaching. His many books, articles, and lectures have been seminal in establishing both the field of applied linguistics and its mode of enquiry.