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TESOL Press Releases Innovative Book on Teaching Pronunciation

by David Cutler | 11/30/2016
Beyond Repeat After Me: Teaching Pronunciation to English Learners, the newest release from TESOL Press, provides English language educators with the essential concepts necessary to guide students toward clearly intelligible pronunciation and more effective communication skills.

Based on a sound theoretical background, this book and the accompanying online resources present practical, imaginative ways to teach and practice pronunciation that go beyond simple "Repeat after me."

“Pronunciation is not a simple concept, and to limit its teaching to a simple ‘repeat after me’ model often results in frustrated teachers and students,” notes author Marla Tritch Yoshida. “In addition to providing readers with a foundation in basic concepts of phonology, this comprehensive, easy-to-read text also gives many suggestions for ways to introduce and practice pronunciation actively and communicatively, using sight, sound, and movement.”

Recognizing that there is no one-size-fits-all answer for teaching pronunciation, the book offers insights for adapting teaching techniques to support a wide range of students, abilities, and classroom situations. It also includes a host of online resources to enhance the reader experience. Each chapter contains video tutorials, sound recordings, and downloadable sample classroom activities.

“The rich array of online resources helps provide a more complete picture on pronunciation,” says Myrna Jacobs, TESOL’s Director of Publishing and Product Development. “Readers are able to hear different sounds and intonations, instead of simply reading about them, and can then use these tools in their classroom.”

The book is available in both print and ebook (PDF) formats.

More information on this title and sample chapters are available through the TESOL Press Bookstore

Review copies are available on request from TESOL Press.

Download a copy of the full press release