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TESOL Implements TCCP in New Delhi to Train 50 Mentor Teachers

by Sarah Sahr | 02/08/2018
In September 2017, TESOL International Association received a grant from the US Embassy in Delhi, India to implement the TESOL Core Certificate Program (TCCP) and train 50 mentor teachers who support 2,000 English language teachers working in Delhi government secondary schools. These mentor teachers have 8–12 years of teaching experience and intermediate to advanced levels of proficiency in English but do not have any specific training in ELT methodology. 

From 27 November until 15 December 2017, Lottie Baker and Sarah Sahr, TESOL’s director of professional learning and research, delivered the program’s 60-hour “Foundations” course, in person, at the State Council of Educational Research & Training in New Delhi. This first part of the TCCP exposed participants to fundamental TESOL theory and practice, and the second part of the TCCP, “Teaching and Assessing Adolescent Learners,” is currently being completed by all 50 participants; they will graduate from the program in May 2018.

Watch a short video about TESOL's implementation of the TCCP in India

For more information on the TESOL Core Certificate Program, please visit the TESOL website.