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TESOL International Association China Assembly Brings Over 1,800 Professionals Together in Shanghai

by David Cutler | 07/30/2018
In July, TESOL International Association co-hosted the 2018 TESOL International Association China Assembly in Shanghai along with China Daily and Shanghai International Studies University. The multi-day event brought together more than 1,800 English language professionals to discuss the latest practices and trends in the field of English language teaching and learning.

With the theme of “English Education in China: Striding into the New Era,” the event was designed to connect the experiences and ideas of English language teachers in China with those of other TESOL professionals from around the world. The assembly offered nearly 90 activities, including traditional lectures, workshops, and classroom demonstrations, on topics such as English language development, teacher training and preparation, education policy, information-based foreign language teaching, and more.

TESOL International Association had a strong presence at the event. Five TESOL representatives delivered the keynotes: past presidents Ester de Jong, David Nunan, Andy Curtis, and Jun Liu, as well as TESOL Journal editor Joy Egbert. Additionally, current TESOL Board of Directors member Katherine Lobo was a featured speaker, and Executive Director Christopher Powers offered remarks during both the opening and closing ceremonies. While providing his opening comments, Powers touched on the significance of the event, stating “I am delighted to be here with so many English teachers who speak Chinese and, I am sure, many other languages. I have always believed that our world is safer, more prosperous, and frankly, more interesting when we can communicate across languages, cultures, and geographic boundaries that too often divide us.”

During the assembly, participants engaged with leading TESOL experts and shared their experiences with other TESOL professionals, strengthening the intercultural exchange that is critical to the TESOL community. The event also provided them with new ideas and skills to take back to their schools.

The assembly’s closing ceremony included a declaration that the knowledge and ideas gleaned from the event would be spread throughout China to help improve the country’s English language instruction. TESOL and China Daily agreed to expand their current partnership and to hold the 2019 TESOL China Assembly in Hangzhou.
      Ester de Jong Speaking at the TESOL International Association China AssemblyEster de Jong Speaking at the TESOL International Association China Assembly
       (Photos courtesy of China Daily)

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