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TESOL International Association Extends Knowledge Partnership with China Daily 21st Century English Education Media

by David Cutler | 08/14/2018
TESOL International Association, the world leader in advancing expertise in English language teaching and learning, is proud to announce that it has signed a new agreement, enhancing an existing knowledge partnership with 21st Century English Education Media, a leading ELT organization and publisher of English language learning and teaching resources in China. 21st Century English Education Media is a subsidiary of China Daily, China’s only national English-language newspaper, which is distributed globally.

The new agreement, signed 22 July in Shanghai, China, will strengthen the missions of both organizations and improve the quality of English language teaching in China. TESOL and China Daily 21st Century have agreed to collaborate on a number of initiatives, including the continuation of the TESOL China Assembly. A multi-day TESOL professional learning event, the second annual TESOL China Assembly will take place in Hangzhou, China in July 2019. Additionally, the organizations will collaborate on teacher workshops and other regional and national English language teaching events, such as speech competitions, throughout China. 

As part of the agreement, China Daily 21st Century will also identify 2,000 new global members from across China, granting valuable access to TESOL’s professional development resources and international networks to a new generation of Chinese TESOL professionals. Furthermore, TESOL will provide China Daily 21st Century with several bestselling English language publications from TESOL Press, including the groundbreaking The 6 Principles for Exemplary Teaching of English Learners: Grades K-12. 
Noting the importance of the new agreement, TESOL Executive Director Christopher Powers said, “We are excited about the opportunity to expand our partnership with China Daily 21st Century. This partnership will help increase TESOL’s global presence and connectivity, advance the knowledge and expertise of TESOL educators, and give voice to many more TESOL professionals. Building off the success of this year’s inaugural TESOL China Assembly, we look forward to engaging with thousands more TESOL educators in China in 2019 and hopefully for years to come.”

Moving forward, this new agreement will continue to afford TESOL the opportunity to share its expertise in developing research-based English language teaching practices, delivering industry-leading live events, providing expansive professional development resources, and creating a rich array of publications for English language professionals throughout China.