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TESOL Recognizes iCivics with 2019 Presidents’ Award

by David Cutler | 03/07/2019
TESOL International Association is pleased to announce that iCivics will be honored with the 2019 TESOL Presidents’ Award. Honorees of the award are individuals or organizations outside of the English language teaching field that have demonstrated a commitment to English language instruction and education. iCivics will be recognized, with ELL Coordinator Kristen Chapron accepting the award on their behalf, by TESOL President Luciana C. de Oliveira during the President’s Keynote Session at the 2019 TESOL International Convention & English Language Expo in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Since its founding in 2009 by former United States Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, iCivics has provided over 200,000 teachers and 6 million students across the United States with free civics education lesson plans, resources, and interactive online games. One of iCivics’ most popular online games, “Do I Have a Right?” teaches students about constitutional law and individual rights. Following the game’s initial success, a Spanish version, “¿Tengo Algún Derecho?” was released to help English learners understand their civil liberties under the U.S. Constitution while improving their English language skills.

“iCivics is deeply honored to be recognized by TESOL for our work to make civic education accessible to our nation’s millions of English Language Learners and ensure they are fully prepared for, and engaged in, American democracy” said Louise Dubé, iCivics Executive Director. “Guided by our stellar ELL Advisory Board, we’ve refocused our efforts on making sure that our games, such as Immigration Nation and Do I Have a Right, are created with full Spanish versions as well as ELL supports so that we can help every student understand the complicated issues that our country faces,” Dubé concluded.

Commenting on the selection of iCivics to receive this prestigious award, de Oliveira said, “iCivics’ commitment to empowering English learners through civics education is inspiring. The values of advocacy and empowerment that the organization embraces, and that TESOL International Association holds in such high regard, are admirable. TESOL is privileged to present iCivics with this honor in recognition of their collective hard work and dedication.”

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