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TESOL Press Introduces New Volume in The 6 Principles® Series Focusing on Teachers of Adult English Learners

by David Cutler | 05/02/2019
Following the success and overwhelming popularity of The 6 Principles for Exemplary Teaching of English Learners ®: Grades K-12, TESOL Press, the publishing division of TESOL International Association, is excited to announce the release of a its second book in The 6 Principles series of products, The 6 Principles for Exemplary Teaching of English Learners®: Adult Education and Workforce Development.

In this latest addition to The 6 Principles line of products, educators of adult English language learners worldwide will learn how to use The 6 Principles to respect, affirm, and promote adult learners’ home languages and culture; deliver engaging and relevant lessons that build 21st century workplace skills; support learners in their acculturation to a new country; and teach strategies that sustain learning outside of the classroom.

The 6 Principles for Exemplary Teaching of English Learners is a set of universal guidelines drawn from decades of research in language pedagogy and language acquisition theory. These core principles are targets for teaching excellence and should bolster any program of English language instruction.

“This book fills a critical need for teachers of adult English language learners—there are virtually no methods books that directly relate to this setting and none that address standards-based instruction and lesson planning,” said lead author Andrea Hellman. In addition to Hellman, co-authors include Kathy Harris and Amea Wilbur, with Deborah J. Short serving as series editor.

“We’re very enthusiastic about this new addition to The 6 Principles series of products,” said Myrna Jacobs, TESOL’s director of publishing and product development. “We know that we’re fulfilling a need for teachers of adults. And English learners need the skills for career training opportunities and for furthering their education.”

To learn more about The 6 Principles® and order the latest book in the series, please visit The 6 Principles website. 

Download a copy of the full press release