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TESOL Signs On to Pair of Letters to U.S. Members of Congress Urging the Hiring of Diverse Staff

by David Cutler | 11/24/2020
TESOL International Association (TESOL) joined over 70 civil rights organizations in a pair of letters addressed to new members of Congress urging them to hire racially diverse people in their personal office top and key mid-level staff positions.

In the letters, one addressed to incoming House Members and the other addressed to incoming Senators, recommendations included:

1). Adopt a diversity plan.
2). Use the Bipartisan House Diversity and Inclusion Office as a resource or support the establishment of the Bipartisan Senate Diversity and Inclusion Office. 
3) use the Brain Trust for a Representative Democracy.
4). Work with the Tri-Caucus Staff Associations which maintain databases of strong diverse talent.

Download a copy of the letter sent to members of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Download a copy of the letter sent to members of the U.S. Senate.