Bridge to the Classroom

ESL Cases for Teacher Exploration

Based on actual classroom experiences, the Bridge to the Classroom cases address a variety of learning and teaching situations. They can be used in any order and adapted to a range of teaching practices and course goals, including professional development. Each case volume in the series includes an up-to-date list of resources to help teacher educators and learners situate the cases within the field's larger theoretical framework.

Each case volume also has a teacher's guide. The guide helps teacher educators foster teacher learners' creativity, critical thinking, resourcefulness, and independence as they prepare to enter the field. It also enables them to help experienced teachers reflect on their classroom practices and develop new ones based on current teaching and learning theory.

Volume 1: Elementary School, by Joy Egbert
Product No. 190, 210 pp., ISBN 1931185190 (2005)

Volume 2: Secondary School, by Joy Egbert
Product No. 204, 211 pp., ISBN 1931185204 (2005)

Volume 3: Adult Contexts, by Joy Egbert and Gina Mikel Petrie
Product No. 212, 210 pp., ISBN 1931185212 (2005)

Teacher's Guide for Volumes 1-2, by Joy Egbert
Product No. 220, 66 pp., ISBN 1931185220 (2005)

Teacher's Guide for Volume 3, by Joy Egbert and Gina Mikel Petrie
Product No. 239, 64 pp., ISBN 1931185239 (2005)

Sample Table of Contents from Volume 1: Elementary


Case 1. First Line of Defense

Case 2. Listen to Me

Case 3. Exchanges

Case 4. Culture Clash

Case 5. Who Am I?

Case 6. A Doll of a Student

Case 7. Restructuring Ideas

Case 8. Standards of English

Case 9. Reading Between the Lines

Case 10. The Subject of Language

Case 11. Solving a Mystery

Case 12. A Process of Evaluation

Case 13. Homework

Case 14. So-Called Expert

Case 15. Create Your Own Case

Case Resources