CALL Environments (2nd Edition)

Joy Egbert and  Elizabeth Hanson-Smith, Editors

Table of Contents


CHAPTER 1: Introduction: Foundations for Teaching and Learning
Joy Egbert, Elizabeth Hanson-Smith, and Chin-chi Chao

Part I. Interaction

CHAPTER 2: Theory and Research: Interaction via Computers
Datta Kaur Khalsa, Diane Maloney-Krichmar, and Joy Kreeft Peyton

CHAPTER 3: Classroom Practice: Problem-Based Language Learning
Joy Egbert and Leslie Huff

CHAPTER 4: Critical Issues: Places and Spaces
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith

Part II. Authentic Audience

CHAPTER 5: Theory and Research: Audience, Language Use, and Language Learning
Bill Johnston

CHAPTER 6: Classroom Practice: E-mail and Web Projects
Susan Gaer

CHAPTER 7: Critical Issues: Resources for CAll
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith, Joy Egbert, and Jim Buell

Part III. Authentic Task

CHAPTER 8: Theory and Research: Investigating Authenticity
Carol A. Chapelle and Hsin-min Liu

CHAPTER 9: Classroom Practice: Content and Language 
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith

CHAPTER 10: Critical Issues: Limited-Technology Contexts 
Senem Yildiz

Part IV. Exposure and Production

CHAPTER 11: Theory and Research: Interaction and Awareness
Lloyd Holliday

CHAPTER 12: Classroom Practice: Language Knowledge and Skills Acquisition
Deborah Healey

CHAPTER 13: Classroom Practice: Tasks for Collaborative Learning
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith

CHAPTER 14: Critical Issues: Creativity and CALL
Keun Huh

Part V: Time and Feedback

CHAPTER 15: Theory and Research: New Emphases of Assessment 
Chin-chi Chao

CHAPTER 16: Classroom Practice: Practical Classroom Assessment
Joy Egbert

CHAPTER 17: Classroom Practice: Assessing Instructional Goals
Dafne González and Rubena St. Louis

CHAPTER 18: Critical Issues: Professional Development
Philip Hubbard

Part VI: Intentional Cognition

CHAPTER 19: Theory and Research: Language Learning Strategies
Chin-chi Chao

CHAPTER 20: Classroom Practice: Critical Thinking 
Levi McNeil

CHAPTER 21: Critical Issues: Visuality
Gina Mikel Petrie

Part VII: Atmosphere

CHAPTER 22: Theory and Research: Classroom Atmosphere 
Bill Johnston

CHAPTER 23: Classroom Practice: Learner Engagement 
Bill Snyder and Selin Alperer-Tatlý

CHAPTER 24: Critical Issues: Culturally Responsive CALL 
Birgitte Gade Brander

Part VIII: Autonomy

CHAPTER 25: Theory and Research: Autonomy and Language Learning 
Deborah Healey

CHAPTER 26: Classroom Practice: Virtual Environments 
Douglas W. Coleman, Torey Hickman, and Alexander Wrege

CHAPTER 27: Critical Issues: Blended Learning
Aiden Yeh

Part IX: The Future

CHAPTER 28: 20 Minutes Into the Future 
Carla Meskill

CHAPTER 29: Afterword: The Future Is Now
Karen Price

Appendix A: Professional Associations and Professional Development Resources
Appendix B: Electronic Forums, Exchanges, and Collaborations for Teachers and Students
Appendix C: Resources by Subject Area for Sustained Content Learning and Teaching
Appendix D: Content-Free Online Tools, Software, and Tutorials
Appendix E: Resources for Studying Language Skills, Vocabulary, Grammar, 21st-Century Thinking Skills, and Culture