Content-Based Instruction in Higher Education

JoAnn Crandall and Dorit Kaufman, Editors

Table of Contents


Series Editor's Preface

CHAPTER 1: Content-Based Instruction in Higher Education Settings: Evolving Models for Diverse Contexts
JoAnn (Jodi) Crandall and Dorit Kaufman

Part 1: Case Studies of EFL Contexts

CHAPTER 2: Adjunct Courses in the Great Books: The Key That Unlocked Locke for Japanese EFL Undergraduates and Opened the Door to Academia for EFL Patrick Rosenkjar

CHAPTER 3: Merging Expertise: Developing Partnerships Between Language and Content Specialists
Timothy Stewart, Michael Sagliano, and Julie Sagliano

CHAPTER 4: Content-Based English for Academic Purposes in a Thai University
Catherine Owens

CHAPTER 5: English for Students of Mathematics and Computer Science: A Content-Based Instruction Course
Sara Kol

CHAPTER 6: Developing Genre Awareness in Nonnative-English-Speaking Writers of Experimental Research Articles: A Collaborative Approach
Iliana A. Martinez

CHAPTER 7: Content-Based English for Specific Purposes Course Design: The Case of English for Architecture
Dafne Gonzalez and Rubena St. Louis

Part 2: Case Studies of ESL Contexts

CHAPTER 8: Promoting the Acquisition of Knowledge ina Content-Based Course
Fredricka L. Stoller

CHAPTER 9: Appropriating the Adjunct Model: English for Academic Purposes at the University Level
Donna M. Brinton and Linda Jensen

CHAPTER 10: To Motivate and Educate, Collaborate and Integrate: The Adjunct Model in a Bridge Program
Martha A. Iancu

CHAPTER 11: A Collaborative Approach to Sheltering Complex Content for Native and Nonnative English Speakers in a University Setting
Mark A. Schneider and Joan E. Friedenberg

CHAPTER 12: Teaching and Learning Academic Literacy Through Project LEAP
Marguerite Ann Snow and Lia D. Kamhi-Stein