Content-Based Instruction in Primary
and Secondary School Settings

Dorit Kaufman and JoAnn Crandall, Editors

Table of Contents

Series Editor's Preface

CHAPTER 1: Standards- and Content-Based Instruction: Transforming Language Education in Primary and Secondary Schools
Dorit Kaufman and JoAnn (Jodi) Crandall

Part 1: Partnerships and Constructivist Notions in Content-Based Instruction

CHAPTER 2: Keeping Content at the Heart of Content-Based Instruction: Access and Support for Transitional English Learners
George C. Bunch, Rachel A. Lotan, Guadalupe Valdes, and Elizabeth G. Cohen

CHAPTER 3: Pickles, Proverbs, and Play: Finding Out About Ourselves and Others
Valerie S. Jakar

CHAPTER 4: Collaborating on the Curriculum: Focus on Secondary ESOL
Donna Hurst and Chris Davison

CHAPTER 5: Coteaching in a Sheltered Model: Maximizing Content and Language Acquisition for Beginning-Level English Language Learners
Carolyn Bernache, Kathleen Galinat, and Sandra Jimenez

CHAPTER 6: Working Together to Raise Content-Based Instruction Into the Zone of Proximal Development
Tatiana Gordon

Part 2: Reflection and Inquiry in Content-Based Instruction Professional Development

CHAPTER 7: Supporting Sheltered Instruction in a Bilingual Program Through a Professional Development School Partnership
Nancy Dubetz, Hilduara Abreu, Reina Alegria, Mercedes Casado, and Asuncion Diaz

CHAPTER 8: Teaching a Less Commonly Taught Language in a Social Science Classroom
Erin Fairlight Olsen and R. Kirk Belnap

CHAPTER 9: Giving Them a Voice: Content-Based Instruction in an EFL Setting
Gabriel Diaz-Maggioli and Alicia Burbaquis-Vinson

CHAPTER 10: Frilled Up Science: Developing Practices Within Collaboration
Sophie Arkoudis

Part 3: Standards- and Content-Based Curriculum, Assessment, and Professional Development

CHAPTER 11: On the Road to "MECCA": Assessing Content-Based Instruction Within a Standards Framework
Margo Gottlieb and Timothy Boals

CHAPTER 12: Mapping the ESOL Curriculum: Collaborating for Student Success
Ester de Jong and Genoveffa Grieci

CHAPTER 13: Choosing Depth Over Breadth in a Content-Based ESOL Program
Martha Bigelow, Susan Ranney, and Ann Mickelson Hebble

CHAPTER 14: New Conceptual Tools for Content-Area Teachers: A Programmatic Approach to Content-Based Instruction
Annela Teemant